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Goals for the Future Many people tend to set goals. They can set goals for their personal life, academics, or even for their professional lives. You can literally set a goal for pretty much anything you can imagine. I believe that people should set goals, they help you stay focused and want to do better for the future. Goals change all of the time though, because of a lot of different reasons, maybe you found that one thing just really is not what you want to do with your life, so you find something else to do. To me that is just how life is, my goals will most likely change as I am getting older and trying to find what I want to do with the rest of my life. I feel like I have set many goals for my personal life throughout my childhood and …show more content…

I have always wanted to make good grades but I never really set any goals but, then I realized that setting academic goals are way more important than people realize . I then started to set goals like my sophomore year of high school after I did that it really helped me focus on my future and what I wanted for myself. My goals I think pushed me so much more academically they opened my eyes a little bit more. One Goal I set was to graduate High school with a Core 40 diploma, which I did, so that is one goal down and a bunch more to go. My senior year I started applying to college but my main goal was to make into Saint Mary-of-the Woods and when I received my acceptance letter I was ecstatic. So far, I am still trying to figure out my academic goals for college but, I do know for sure that I want to succeed in every single way that I can so I can make a better future for myself. A goal that I made this year is to make the dean’s list every single time, for this I will study so hard for every test, do all of my homework, and ask questions when I have them and maybe even getting a tutor. This challenge will probably be really tough but I believe that I can do it if I put my mind to it, and I tend to be a very determined …show more content…

All through my sophomore to senior year of high school I knew that was what I wanted to do. Everything about psychology just intrigues my mind. I specifically would love to work with children, like I said I love them. Part of my goal is to become child and adolescent psychiatrist. To get there I will of course study hard in my major and strive to do the best I can. I will take lessons on how to interview professionally. It might be a difficult path and take a while to get there but I know it will be totally worth it in the end and I feel like that is where God is leading to be. I really believe that I am meant to help people and that is what I plan to do. I just really want to make an impact on a child’s life and be someone that they can talk to and feel comfortable with, because a lot of children do not get to experience that kind of safe place. So I would say that my professional goal is to help children more than anything else. But, if something changes about what I want to do with my life I will be very open to

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  • Opines that people should set goals, as they help them stay focused and want to do better for the future. goals change all the time, because of a lot of different reasons.
  • Opines that they have set many goals for their personal life throughout their childhood and teenage years. they plan to marry their wonderful boyfriend zach after graduating from rose hulman.
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