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When planning for our future it is important to have clear goals in mind and to understand the steps that need to be taken to achieve those goals. My long-term goal is to run my own counseling center and employee at least one other person. Some Skills I already possess that will allow me to succeed with this plan are my ability to relate to people and be consistent in following the steps needed, even though it will be a long and tedious process. To ensure that I can achieve my goal of owning my own counseling center there are goals that need to be achieved ahead of time. One goal would be to have the contacts to be able to start a business and the clientele to keep that business running, the other is to become a clinical licensed social worker, which is a license that is needed to be able to practice independently in New York state. …show more content…

To build any business, you need to strong social skills and feel comfortable meeting new people. This is something I struggle with right now; I am naturally a quiet shy person who does not like to go to networking events or meet new people. I feel like I am socially awkward and have a hard time finding things to talk about. If I want to be able own my own business these are important skills to work on. The things I can do to work on those skills now is to do things such as going one town meeting or event each month and during those events make it a point to meet at least one new person. This will slowly build up my social circle and hopefully, the more I do it the easier it will

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