What Are The Challenges Of Entering College Life Essay

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1862 words

Adapting to United States’ College Life Everyone has their experience of entering a discourse community, such as attending high school, entering the company and joining organizations. Being a newcomer, we have to work hard so as to get accepted. In ENGL 1301, I have to write a composition on how I successfully joined a discourse community. Therefore, I am going to demonstrate my process of transiting to UTA and prove that I have successfully joined the UTA community in academic and social aspects. There were three problems I have faced when the school started: balancing study and entertainment (academic), different learning method from high school (academic) and overcoming loneliness (social). Transition to college life was not easy, I have changed my time management (ethos), learning method (logos) and attitude (pathos) to …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that everyone has their experience of entering a discourse community, such as attending high school, entering the company, and joining organizations. they will demonstrate their process of transiting to uta and prove that they have successfully joined the community in academic and social aspects.
  • Explains how they changed their time management to balance between study and entertainment.
  • Explains how they changed their learning method in order to adapt to their college life.
  • Explains that they felt lonely during the first two weeks in uta and changed their attitude and made friends to overcome it.
  • Narrates how they adapted the uta community socially after meeting jessica, a vietnamese american, who had experienced transiting to college life.
  • Explains that abstracting paragraphs and breaking them down into key points is time-consuming but effective. they also separate the notebook into two parts to memorize key terms.
  • Opines that changing their attitude helped them cope with loneliness by making friends, joining organizations, and consulting advisors. studying abroad, loneliness is unavoidable.

To begin with, I changed my time management in order to balance between study and entertainment. During high school, I had a poor time management. I attended school for seven hours and tutorial classes after school every day. After that, I had to do tons of homework such as book report, essay and assignment. Although it was late after finishing all my work, I surfed the Internet instead of going to sleep. I always thought that I still have much time left, so I procrastinated all the time. I slept only five hours a day, so I fell asleep in class. As I was not concentrated in class, I missed many important points from the teacher. I had to use more time to study after school so as to catch up. After having the poor experience, I understand the importance of having a good time management, so I tried to plan my work in the college. During college, I have much more free time. I have classes four to five hours a day and the rest is my free time, hence, it is important to have a good time management. I have to make sure that I do not use up my time in surfing the Internet. My goal of attending

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