Pediatric Nurse Essay

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Pediatric Nurse
1. A pediatric RN assists pediatricians by assessing a patient's needs and providing initial patient care. They help families deal with a child's illness or injury. They often offer information on nutrition, diet, and good health habits. The work of a Pediatric Nurse can range from assisting a Physician with the exam of a child to drawing blood. They chart the patient’s condition and symptoms for the physician’s review, as well as fellow colleagues. They can also administer medicine and give vaccinations to kids.
2. They are currently 2,711,500 Registered Nurses in the United States of America. Over the next 10 years there will be a 23.5% growth rate of nurses; making it one of the fastest growing careers.
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Yes, many are working in a hospital setting. Baylor Health Care system, Cook Children’s, and Children’s Medical Center.
6. The typical salary for a Registered Pediatric Nurse is $65,000 a year.
7. The general requirements include a high school diploma, associates or bachelor's degree in nursing, a passing score on the NCLEX-RN exam, a state licensure as an RN, and work experience in a pediatric setting. After you meet the requirements, certification is usually the next step, although it may not be required by the state, but in some cases may be required or recommended by your employer. In Texas certification is required, and many require a bachelor’s degree.
8. The skills needed to be employed are to be sure you can work at a fast and high stressed level. To be able to perform patient vital signs, talk to parents and record patient history, perform EKGs and other tests, obtain accurate patient information needed for diagnosis and treatment, work with other medical staff and non-medical personnel, communicate with other medical service providers, and to educate patients about procedures or …show more content…

I know that I have good communication skills. I can take vital signs, and EKGs. I can also work well with others. The rest of the many skills will be obtained once I make admission for nursing school. I can include my degree information, as well as my certifications to show that I have succesfully completed these skills. It will also include my internship locations to show that I have had enough hands on experience.
10. As a nursing major it is very important for me to even be considered for a job. Technical Writing class is a way for me to learn how to communicate effectively with others.
11. There are many documents that will be used as a pediatric nurse such as growth charts, percentile charts, patient charts, physician notes, follow up letters, and infant basic care information packets. All the documents no matter how small they may seem are an important part of the patients

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