Compare And Contrast Postpartum Nurse And Registered Nurse

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Comparing a Postpartum Nurses/Labor Delivery Nurses to a Registered Nurse"
" One may think that most registered nurses do the same tasks in the medical field.
However, when comparing and contrasting a Postpartum nurse to a registered nurse, you will see they do not have all of the same tasks as the other. I compared the two and found several responsibilities they both have, but there are several they do not have in common."
" A registered nurse—a RN— has many contrasting responsibilities in the medical field from a Labor and Delivery nurse. Many of them include documenting problems with a patient and giving medicine and IVs. A RN makes sure the patient has knowledge of their situation and what procedures to take to treat their condition and get better. They
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I work night shift (11pm-7am) and that tends to be the shift that is notoriously cut short even though patients get sick 24/7 and mom 's deliver babies 24/7!"
" Q: What makes you different from a RN?"
" A: I actually am an RN. Registered Nurse. The nice thing about being an RN is that you can work in all different settings. I just happen to work in women 's health with moms and babies.
You can be a medical/surgical RN, oncology RN, psych RN, etc....etc.... The list goes on! You can really find what you love. I started out in Labor and Delivery and lasted 1 year. It was very stressful and fast paced and critically scary. It didn 't fit my personality so I left and went to care for them after delivery. Best choice I ever made! Another reason I love my career choice. Lots of options!" " Q: What is the hardest thing about your job?"
" A: Schooling was the hardest thing about my career! I have a bachelor 's degree in
Education and going back for my RN was way harder than that degree! It is stressful and time consuming and just flat out HARD! Each semester so many would fail out if the program. You really have to want to be a nurse and not give up. Once you are in the profession the

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