A Career as a Pediatric Nurse

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Children get injured or sick every day, and it doesn’t matter whether the child goes to a doctor or a pediatrician they are still tended to by a pediatric nurse. A pediatric nurse has to have many qualities. They also have to take many different classes. A pediatric nurse’s pay can vary from location to location depending on where they are working. Pediatric nurses must endure many different things to make it into this particular work field, and have many different qualities. Pediatric nurses do a lot of the same tasks as a regular nurse. They draw blood, check vital signs, can perform physical examinations, and order diagnostic tests. However, the job of a pediatric nurse goes beyond regular nurses. They must have a caring relationship not only with the patient they are tending to, but also the patient’s family. Parents usually prefer a pediatric nurse over a regular nurse due to the caring relationship they carry. This is well known by the nurses as the caring process. During this process the nurse must help the child and the child’s family step by step with anything they may need at the time. The pediatric nurse provides support, care, and information on how to prevent future problems. Pediatric nursing can be defined as “the practice of nursing with children, youth, and their families across the health continuum, including health promotion, illness management, and health restoration" (Barnsteiner et al). Therefore, you can see from that statement alone there is more than one job to be done by a pediatric nurse. A pediatric nurse can see anywhere from 80 to 100 children a day. They take appointments, walk-ins, and sometimes make home visits. Only when the pediatric nurse finds an abnormality will they refer and send the child t... ... middle of paper ... ...e it into this particular work field, and have many different qualities. Works Cited Barnsteiner, Jane, Virginia Richardson, Janet Wyatt. "What do pediatric nurses do? Results of the role delineation study in Canada and the United States." (Credentialing & Professionalism in Pediatric Nursing). (1 March 2002). Web Crawfor, Doreen, et al “Educating Children’s Nurses for Communicating Bad News” Nursing Children and Young People 25.8 (2013) Web. Deborah G. Loman, Shu-Ling Hung. “Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Salary and Practice: Results of a Midwest Metropolitan Area Survey” Journal of Pediatric Health Care Issue 5 (2007): Pages 299-306. Web Wischnitzer, Dr. Saul. Health-Care Careers for the 21st Century. JIST Works, Inc. 2000. Print. “Pediatric Nurse” ExploreHealthCareCareers.org. American Dental Education Association, 7 November 2013. Web. 10 Novemeber, 2013.

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