Nursing Theory, Theories And Importance In Nursing Practice

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2. CONCEPT 2-NURSING THEORIES AND IMPORTANCE IN NURSING PRACTICE: Theory is an idea being argued with an intention to explain facts and is actually based on study. Theories are bodies of information and it interprets evidence by providing a new description that affects what is seen as relevant and what is not. Crucially, theories provide explanations of phenomena understood as an abstract. Nursing theory is just an idea that helps to back up claims in nursing profession.

Theories are understood as bodies of belief or other propositional representations and this belief have concept as their constituents. With theories I feel nurses can make good references as they relate it to their researches which make it clearer and
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Theory helps nurses to know what they don’t know and what they need to know. It widens knowledge of nursing practice and indicate which direction nursing should develop in future. Orlande 1962 belief client is an individual with a need that when met reduces distress, increases adequacy or enhances the well being of the client. This theory relates to our social interaction with client as nurses because we carry out our normal activities with intention of providing the needs of our…show more content…
For instance Florence Nightingale in his theory on environmental factors states that unsanitary conditions pose health hazard and those external influences can prevent, suppress or contribute to disease or death. The component are; ventilation, light, warmth, effluvia and noise. Nurses should have it in mind that environmental factors can affect patient in everything physical, psychological, and social. It is in her duty to provide fresh air, warmth, cleanliness, good diet and cool environment to facilitate patient reparative process. Hildegard Peplau-interpersonal relations model is also a theory that is based on psychodynamic nursing that issuing an understanding of one’s own behavior to help others identify their needs or difficulties. This applies principles of human relations. It is believed that patient have a felt needs and nurses are involved in problem solving and also creates a significant therapeutic interpersonal process that functions cooperatively with others to make health
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