Nursing Reflection: My Studies To Become A Nurse

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In my studies to becoming a nurse, I am taught fundamental skills within my Professional Communication unit that will assist me with my interactions with patients. I will reflect upon the content of this course using Gibbs’ Reflective Model, particularly concentrating on the ideas presented to me in six given extracts. I will be discussing the process of assessment, the necessity to communicate effectively, considerations when interviewing, clinical reasoning techniques, the act of reflecting and the practice of educating as a nurse; all subject that is central to skill. Essentially I will need to possess these skills in order to have competence in practicing.
One extract focuses on the process of clinical assessment and it begins by highlighting the significance of its application in the nursing practice. This significance has been emphasized in my studies as we have been gaining knowledge in preparation for our OSCA examinations and I am aware that we will continue building upon these skills throughout the remainder of this course. The most commonly used frameworks for nursing assessments are described in the text, and this information is a valuable foundation for me to refer to in future practice. The ability to assess a patient effectively will be vital in practicing as a nurse, so this knowledge is valuable for me to refer to. Assessment is ongoing and continuous in the nursing process; and involves a comprehensive collection of objective and subjective information in regards to the physiological, psychological, sociocultural, developmental, and spiritual aspects of the patient. Dempsey differentiates the role of nurses between those of other healthcare professions by their focus area or purpose of assessment, and their corre...

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...during a difficult time in their lives. We want to be providing the best care possible throughout our work as nurse; so it is, therefore, our objective as students in nursing to strengthen all skills relevant to nursing practice. This paper has explored six distinct skills that I will need to use in my approach to interacting with patients as a nurse. Important aspects of patient care are the ability to appropriately assess patients, effectively communicate, ability to collect data during the interview process, attribute clinical reasoning techniques, the act of reflecting and the practice of educating as a nurse. Each has an established position in my Professional Communication unit material within my undergraduate nursing course. All of this knowledge that I gain throughout my studies and through experience will effectively determine how competent I am as a nurse.
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