Importance Of Reflection In Nursing

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Reflection is an essential component in the development of professional competencies and critical thinking skills in nursing practice. Reflection in the context of nursing, has been described as a way of exploring an experience in order to look for the prospect of other explanations and alternative methods to doing things. It is through reflection that one can evaluate and identify their strengths and weaknesses to encourage both personal and professional growth and development. In this paper, I will be discussing how student nurses learn and develop from reflection, the emotional response and self-awareness as a nurse, and the appropriate way to reflect as a nurse. The reflective process has been credited to act as a medium to encourage…show more content…
Reflection encourages the student to acknowledge and act upon their strengths and weaknesses in their ability to make clinical decisions (3). As the student reflects it allows them to focus their attention on areas where they have both succeeded and struggled in the clinical setting and apply direct relation to how much knowledge they have gained from the experience (3). Furthermore, whilst it also also allows the student the ability to pose questions, seek clarification of specific events, find meaning and discuss matters of concern and interest with their preceptors in their reflective writing (3). Nonetheless, it is not until the student has achieved the additional knowledge that they will fully understand the limitation of their own practice (3). We often replay situations in our minds, thinking back on what occurred, reviewing interpersonal aspects of events, and maybe even second guessing our own actions during an event. This is when nurses learn most, as they attempt to make decision and reflect upon their actions (3). Self-reflections in nursing is something that a professional nurse considers throughout his or her entire career (7). By writing reflections the nurse can distance herself from the experience, enabling more objective writing in the reflection…show more content…
Especially since nurses in the course of their day-to-day work need to be able to act autonomously and make appropriate clinical judgements (9). Reflection can be of value in making sense of difficult situations, as it allows one to clarify the situation for themselves and the outcome is to have a changed perspective which enables the nurses to improve his or her clinical judgement (2). Thus why, it is imperative nurses engage in lifelong reflection which recognises its value for professional growth and development and improvement in the quality of patient care (7). The Gibb’s model of reflection, for example is a great tool that nurses can use daily to help improve these skills. Reflective writing in nursing is a part of both theory and practice (10). At the beginning of their nursing education and career, nurses are taught to ask patients many open-ended questions and engage in meaningful dialogue that offers reflection (7). Nurses can continue to ask these open-ended, reflective questions and relate them to their critical decision making and patient care standards (7). Nurses need to continue this self-dialogue to promote positive development both professionally and personally
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