Nursing Advancement Essay

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Advances in Nursing Practice Marie Petion Nova Southeastern University Introduction The nursing field has experienced plenty of advancements both in technology and medicine since the twentieth century. Not only have these advancements changed the face of nursing but have also become an intricate part of the field. Technology has the capacity to improve patient care and outcomes and is therefore of great importance to nursing. How nurses manage clinical workflows and how they deliver patient care have been completely changed by various innovations in software. The rationale used in selecting the topic of advances in nursing is that the world is fast evolving and so is the healthcare sector. Extensive analysis and synthesizing of knowledge, interpretation of information, research and innovations in nursing has been done over the years. It is interesting to have an in-depth look at what has been done by various influencers in the profession. Purpose of this paper is to demonstrate both technological and medical advancements in the nursing field. History of Nursing The nursing profession has a rich history. It was founded by Florence Nightingale who was referred to as the mother of nursing. She revolutionized the world of nursing and funded the establishment of various training schools. Many successes were realized in this period including the establishment of The National League of Nursing Education and the American Nurses Association. Such organizations pushed forward State Acts such as nursing registration which facilitated regulation and licensing in the nursing profession. Nurses were also given a legal title, that is, Registered Nurse or R.N (MacDonald, 2006). Despite the major strides made, there were a number of challenges ... ... middle of paper ... ...ght its own set of problems unique to the medical field. These problems have resulted in the advent of other jobs to counter and prevent potentially harmful hazards and risks to healthcare systems. It is expected that nurses will practice to the full extent of their training, achieve higher levels of education, be full partners with other healthcare professionals and improve information infrastructure through effective workforce planning. The future of nursing is indeed bright and upward oriented. References Fagerström, L. (2012). the impact of advanced practice nursing in healthcare: a recipe for developing countries. Annals of Neurosciences, 19(1), 1–2. MacDonald, J. A., Herbert, R., & Thibeault, C. (2006). Advanced practice nursing: Unification through a common identity. Journal of Professional Nursing, 22(3), 172-179.
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