Nike's Article: The Nike Story? Just Tell It?

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1040 words

Charlotte Fisher Hurd
Research Paper
17 November 2017
The Nike Company Almost everyone has something Nike- a pair of shoes, socks, shirts, shorts, and/or other apparel. The Nike swoosh has not always represented Nike. Nike kis trying to have stores in small towns, too. Nike has an interesting history. According to Fast Company’s article, The Nike Story? Just Tell It!, when the word “Nike” is heard, people often think of athletes like Michael Jordan. We may also think of Nike’s CEO, Phil Knight. He was a “middle-distance runner”. At first, Knight was just selling shoes out of his car. But later he became Nike’s CEO. Bill Bowerman is Nike’s cofounder and Knight’s running coach, yet few people know who he is. Most people …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that nike's swoosh isn't always represented by athletes like michael jordan or phil knight, who was a "middle-distance runner".
  • Analyzes how the nike swoosh has been found in odd places for a long time. some critics dislike nike's "labor practices".
  • Explains that nike is trying to develop a "local business" in 12 locations. these locations are expected to deliver 80 percent of nike's growth in the next 30 months or so.
  • Explains that phil knight was voted "the most powerful person in sports" by the sporting news. he came up with the idea of nike while he was attending stanford university earning his master's degree.
  • Explains that knight and bowerman decided to stop selling tiger shoes and start selling and designing their own shoes. the first nike shoes were named after the greek goddess of victory.
  • Opines that nike has become one of the most popular brands of shoes and apparel. phil knight has been very successful in creating this company.
  • Cites timothy egan, the new york times, and micah maidenberg, "nike, aglobal brand, will try going local."

Thanks to the swoosh, Nike had its best financial year in their history in 1997, in their 25th year of production. Some critics that dislike Nike made a campaign Nike’s “labor practices”. They decided in 1996 to try to make the Nike swoosh unpopular. Some people think that the swoosh has caused some trouble for Nike. They think the swoosh is just a “fashion statement” becoming less and less popular. Another problem Nike has is that it is difficult for poor kids to get a pair of 140 dollar shoes. Inside the berm, many are wondering how Nike lost it's popularity. Nike’s executives believe that if people like Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger can sell millions of dollars worth of apparel, then Michael Jordan, possibly one of the best athletes in the world, can do the same. Nike might make more Jordan apparel such as shoes, socks, and even Jordan suits. Tho Nike may eventually rid the swoosh, Phil Knight won’t because it's tattooed on his ankle. …show more content…

This means they will focus on serving customers in 12 locations. Those include Milan, Paris, New York, and Beijing. These locations are “expected to deliver 80 percent of Nike’s growth in the next 30 months or so. Nike hopes that this will result in “ localized products and styles”. Even tho online shopping is changing retailing considerably, Nike has not forgotten about their physical stores. Nike is also trying to “cut its production-creation time in half”. Mark Parker, a Nike executive, told analysts that their customers want fast, easy, personal service. Nike is a fast growing company with may expectations.

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