Rhetorical Analysis Of Nike

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Nike, the cost for a certain logo on your clothing, this might be worth it for some while for others, not even a chance. Nike is known worldwide for their athletic clothing and shoes. But is the price of a 20 dollar headband or a 200 dollar pair of shoes with it for you?
Nike is a worldwide known business that many people around the globe are attracted to purchase. They make a variety of products ranging from shoes and clothes to sports gear, sports products, and many different accessories. Nike is designed for everyone ranging from infants to elderly. Because of their range of age for products, this makes them a huge competitor. Being able to appeal to all ages and styles of people.
When I walk into a Nike store, I’m so interested in all their
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But what makes people buy the name brand Nike? They have great advertisement. I love to watch Nike commercials; they appeal to me as an athlete. The commercials show the inner fight in people, breaking records, becoming a stronger person, being the best you, and being the best athlete; you can be overcoming anything. I find their advertisement to be very inspiring and motivational. The Nike slogan ‘Just Do It’ plastered on so many products inspire others to get out and ‘Just Do It,' no hesitation. Nike tries to appeal to you to buy their products by placing their apparel on professional athletic. Everyone knows Lebron James he has many young athletes that look up to him and want to be just like him. What do they see Lebron James wearing? Nike apparel, for the kids that want to be just like him, they want what he has. So they want the Nike look. For me personally, I see Nike products and logos at just about all sporting events, which is a great strategy for the business.
One thing I like about Nike is how accessible it is. You can find Nike products just about anywhere such as Nike outlets, Dicks Sporting Goods, Khols, Macy and other big department stores, as well as online. Some companies don’t make it as easy to find and buy their products which can be a struggle. I hate when I’m in need of a certain product but companies limit their access, and I can’t get what I need when I need it. Nike makes it easy to find and buy their products at any
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