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The marketing goals are: Increase customer retention, Increase eCommerce Sales, Increase our Community Involvement. The first goal specifically works towards reaching 60% repeat sales through different promotional strategies like emotional marketing and sponsoring different professional athletes. Customer retention is extremely important to maintain Nike’s market leader position. Increasing eCommerce is a major focus for Nike. Last year we were able to increase our eCommerce sales by a profitable 51%. Our second goal is to continue this trend by increasing online sales by 50% every year for the next four years. It is our belief that doing so will solidify Nike as a leader in the online athletic market. Nike truly believes that sport can change …show more content…

Nike’s focus for fashion forward women is the following: lead the athleisure trend, increase advertising, and the introduce the #BetterForIt social media campaign. We need to focus on the athleisure trend by increasing our portfolio for the women target market. Athleisure is already 20% of the firm’s revenue and we need to recognize that women are leading this fashion movement. Under Armor and Lululemon are already making headways in this fashion focused market. We need to emphasize our athletic technologies, promoting lighter fabrics and better performance, while still maintaining a level of comfort and fashionability. Increasing the portfolio means nothing if women don’t know we’ve done just that. Nike will need to increase advertising specifically with this target market in mind. The #BetterForIt campaign is one important aspect of these advertising efforts. Similar campaigns should promote and help “normalize” athletic wear in everyday …show more content…

Nike will need to showcase our differentiating elements of the company as runners are very brand loyal customers. Even so, Nike has 60% of the market currently. You mentioned that you feel we can improve in this area, so this is what we’re going to do: massively increase innovation and development for our running shoes, and increase brand reputation. Nike has been a historic leader in running technologies. Recently we released the electronically tied running shoes, just like from the movie Back to the Future. We need to continue to push boundaries and see what new technologies can do to revolutionize the sport. The second focus for this market is to increase our presence in specialty running stores and in third party eCommerce sites. Making sure Nike is seen and heard by this market is going to increase our success with them. Dedicated runners were found to go to specialty running shops more often than making any purchases online. Nike needs to have a bigger presence where the customers actually

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