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“Write the Future” Advertising is one of the world’s oldest industries and most effective industries. Advertising shows consumers what they want by using clever deception and nifty tricks. These ploys leave everyday people running to the store to pick up the latest and trendiest products. Advertisements work in part because marketers spend millions (possibly beyond millions) of dollars researching the population to find a clientele. This research helps find a target audience, aka demographic. This allows marketers to create an advertisement that caters to its demographic and sells their product. A company who embodies effective advertisements is Nike. Many people have the Nike logo and slogan engrained in their head. Nike is a company that…show more content…
The ad contains two brief quotes “Change History with Just One Stroke” and “Write the Future”. The soccer player who scores the goal is statue-ized, appearing like the statue of liberty. The advertisers used the statue and quotes with the intent to form a theme. The theme saying that by wearing Nike, people are part of something special. Great athletic achievements and immortalization is on the horizon for those who wear Nike. It leaves guilt on the implication that none of these great things happen to people who aren’t wearing Nike gear. This is obviously not true, people are not going to turn into Tom Brady just because they had Nike cleats on. The ad is playing on a fantasy. This trick is especially effective with younger children who are likely to dream of becoming a star or a part of a big sports moment. Who wouldn’t want to score game winning goal or catch a game winning touchdown? Another trick applied by the advertiser is the use of visual aid. The font colors of the letters are gold. Gold symbolizes glory and from a sports perspective, it symbolizes trophies. The photo is also edited to get viewers to look at the focus points of the ad. The crowd is blurred out, the light is focused on the field and the photographer uses the rule of thirds. The player who is kicking the ball is edited in a way that makes him look like he is literally popping off the page. This is done so time is not wasted

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