The Effects Of Advertising On A Modern Society

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Advertisements are located everywhere in society today. There are influences of the media, newspapers, actors, actresses, movies, stories, etc. Even though this advertises the human mind to transform from one thing to another, all of this is relevant to the advertising game because there are heavy influences and competition to see which one is better. If one is influenced, they will expand their discovery to others. This works as well in the economic society.
In the economic society, specifically in the advertising game, we have many social standards and different aspects of a modern society. There are the positive and negative ones. For the positive aspects, it can improve clean efficient energy technology, improvement of technology, access communication, recycling, religions, and access different people (different perspectives). In the advertising game, they also have the communication between people and businesses. Since they have paved a new way for interaction between the two, customers can now tell brands exactly what they want. Businesses can then use that information to tailor their products that are more appealing. The more they follow their customer’s demands, the more stocks they can get and sell which will make a high amount of profit. For the negative aspects of the advertising game in modern society, there are plenty of scarcity, inequality, different markets, and the economy can always go broke or bankrupt. This can definitely affect the social ranks of people because for the lower classes, they will be left with nothing and they cannot control anything. This is different for the upper classes because they can automatically give them a degree of control over other’s lives. This undermines the unfairness of others, r...

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...s a good reputation in the community can use advertising to gain customer­service policy. To gain a successful standard in the advertising game, there will be needs of promotions and internet connections. Since society uses technology on a daily basis, they like to buy things online and conserving gas. By developing an email, businesses can send coupons or invite customers to special events. There could also be an online store set up so people can have two different options.
All of these product differentiation is what makes our economy work together well because it lets society knows how well and standardized of each and everyone is. The key of competing in the advertising game is how unique your advertisements are and how many attentions it will grab. As society progresses through the 21st century, there will never be an end for competition in the advertising game.
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