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For my Senior Colloquium, I plan to evaluate and analyze Nike “Just Do It” campaign launched in 1988. The campaign is one of the top two taglines of the 20th century with it being both “universal and intensely personal” (“Nike, Inc.”). Nike mission is to bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete in the world. If you have a body, you are an athlete according to Nike. Nike does more than just make gear for athletes; as a company, Nike believes in the power of human potential. This paper will discuss all aspects of Nike's persuasive campaign. Some of the campaign's strategies, goals, and techniques will be discovered and some persuasive theories that can be useful to the Nike advertising campaign will be identified and explained as well. Afterwards think about these theories, the particular arguments of the campaign will be legitimate. I will be using the Yale Five-Stage Development Model created by researchers at Yale University to evaluate the Nike campaign (Binder, 1971). Using this model I will be able to evaluate the five functional stages noted by the Yale researchers: identification, legitimacy, participation, penetration, and distribution. The first stage I will be using identification talking about Nike’s logo. Then, by viewing their impact on communities I will be able to analyze Nike’s second stage which is legitimacy. Third is the, participation stage I will identify how Nike as the recruitment and involvement of previously uncommitted people. Fourth, the penetration stage on how the product earned a meaning to Nike how their product earned. Final stage which is Five, I will identify the distribution stage by looking at how Nike’s rewards their supporters. I chose this topic because I am an athlete at heart a... ... middle of paper ... ... created by Jay Bulmer to identified four needs that influence people to look at media. The first is Personal Identity, identifying with valued others in the media. Nike uses this strategy by coming out with new designs and products that people feel they have to have it in order to keep up with the times like keep up with the “Jones” expression. Information is the second and it deals satisfying curiosity and general interest. A perfect example of Nike addressing this need is the commercial with famous athlete with Nike gear on that the consumer might not haven’t seen. But for a customer to inquire that gear you have to go to the website to find the information about the gear. Many people who don’t even plan on buying Nike products may visit this website out of sheer boredom and probably just surfing the web and seen an ad from Nike that would fall under curiosity.

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