Medi The Positive Effects Of Social Media

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Social media currently plays a powerful role in today’s society. Before the invention of this new technology, printed newspapers contained the daily valuable information. Now, with the click of a button and maybe even a few hash-tags inserted, online news feeds substitute for our accustomed routines. This communication channel is an online community that allows users to create and share content with each other. Even though social media has transformed modern lifestyles and current culture, the positive effects outweigh the negative. Social media causes more positive effects than harm by acting as an easily accessible communication device, reduces shyness in users, improves the economy, and helps in emergency situations. Social media aids to connecting users all over the world, of any economic status, to other users with profiles, such as on Facebook or Twitter. Whether you just moved across the country or have a new job and want to stay in touch with friends, social…show more content…
Natural disasters, such as Hurricane Sandy, effectively used social media to send awareness of the pending disaster to the public and provide updates after the disaster. Reliable sources, like the Accu Weather’s twitter account branched out to the people by providing updates to the victims. Victims could also use the hash-tag “Sandy” for help in their situations (Cohen 4). Social media played an important role with the Baltimore riots. High school students in this town were told to meet up at a mall one afternoon and “purge”, but at the scene, police were waiting for the students. The police somehow saw the tweet online and were at the scene before the young adults caused any problems, leading to fewer injuries and deaths (Vega 8). The users need to make sure any information found online is credible and accurate, but other than that, these technologies are becoming more advanced through situations with the hurricane and the almost
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