Maternal Employment

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As it was noted above, the number of working mothers in the U. S. during the past thirty years increased dramatically and there are no signs of decrease in this number in the near future. There are many different reasons for mothers to choose employment rather than staying at home. Some mothers make conscious choice to be employed. In other words there is no restrictions on type of employment or amount of income it brings. In this case, satisfaction and self-fulfillment from job will have positive effect on how these mothers raise their children. However, some of the mothers are forced in to being employed due to being the only provider to the family, single parent or other consequences. The forced maternal employment causes rise in the level of mother’s stress and has negative influence on quality time that mother spends with children. Nevertheless, no matter what is the reason for employment, all of the working mothers face a problem when it comes to balance work and family life. Having to balance work and family life is complex problem and parents can use all the help they can get to solve it. It is one of the society’s responsibilities to provide help to families in raising children into adequate adults. As a result, there is a need for changes in society in order to accommodate recent changes in family structure due to increase in maternal employment.
Many other developed countries recognize that maternal employment plays important role in defining the direction of changes in society. In those countries, many different public policies are placed to insure support for working mothers. However, U.S. is way behind on implementing those types of policies. In fact, U.S. is the only developed country that does not...

... middle of paper ... cultures to family friendly ones by providing their employees with flexibility. However, these companies driven to adopt the family friendly culture just because it makes a great business sense and leads to increase in productivity. Organizations need to start to recognize the value in supporting their employees and helping them to balance work and family life. Thru doing so, these companies will be able to attain the competitive edge just like some very successful organizations that are well known for such practices.
The conclusion of this research is that maternal employment has a great direct impact on outcomes in children. Moreover, since children are the future of the society, maternal employment is one of the driving forces to changes in the current society and its future. However, many do still not recognize this fact, which is, should be a great concern.

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