The Role of Women in Society and Rise in the Labor Market

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Society changes with time and the role of each integrant also changes. The role of women, for instance, has changed a lot over the years, from pre-history to the present day function of the female figure is changing more and more. Previously, the division of labor began to distinguish the role of men and women in society, mainly because of agricultural activity. In pre-capitalist stage the world of work and domestic world were similar and the woman began to be subordinate to man, mainly because of her function as a reproducer, and this kind of the women was being considered more fragile and unable to assume leadership or direction of a family group.
In today’s society, women are increasingly gaining ground in the professional environment, because her skills are being more recognized and valued. Women have come over the years reconciling intelligently their life as mother, wife and professional, this power to harmonize their roles is the main feature of the modern woman. The increased participation of women in the labor market brings benefits to society because it promotes gender equality and stimulates the economy.
Notice that the participation of the woman in labor force is a natural response according with the evolution of the world. Castellano, Punzo and Rocca (2013) wrote in their article, there is a concern in Europe about social policies on women participation in the labor market, which the objective is promote the gender equality and revitalizing the work area through the female participation. Thus, some countries have worries about laws and rules with worker woman because there isn’t doubt that she brings benefits for the society.
However, the entry of women into labor force is not simple as could be. There is still a pr...

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