Legal Issues In Nursing

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. As a result, nurses could not perform well which compromise with the quality of service. This could be improved by increase in the staff member of the hospital. The nurses’ manager should discuss with the nurses about their occupational stress and reason behind poor performance. It is the responsibilities of leaders to find out the problem associated with work culture and should encourage the nursing staff to participate in decision making program. The recruitment of new staff is equally important to solve the problem. On the other hand, the nurses should also maintain their professionalism and should discuss with their managers and leaders and provoke them with the problems. Sometimes, the leaders may not realize the problem so it is the…show more content…
There should be experienced staff and adequate staff on night duty. Inexperienced trained staff trained with additional training. While caring the patient the nurses should always think about the religious background of the patient and should provide care accordingly. The nurses should always respect the dignity of the patient and should always follow the moral and ethical values of the patient. Documents is the only legal proof that protect the nurses from legal issues. So, nurses should be careful while documenting the patient condition. The document should always be complete and clear. The document provides other staff a clear view regarding what was carried out before and in the future it provides the pathway for designing the treatment modalities for the patient. document could be in any form written or computerized. The documentation error should be minimizing to maintain the quality of service. Negligence is one of the major problem in nursing field. Nurses neglect the important thing due to which there are more probability of having legal sue as well. The negligence of the nurses may risk the life of the patient. Therefore, should always prevent legal and professional issue. All hospitals and health care team member should always observe for the illegal activities of nurses. It is very important to report if something illegal and unprofessionalism is seen in the work and nurses’ attitude. Due to the negligence of the nurses the patient might have died. To prevent this the education should be provided to the patient regarding the legal and professional issues. This is because, the nurses have minimal knowledge on legal and professional issues. It is very important to upgrade their knowledge and participation of nurses in decision making is important so that they would think critically
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