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Journal Entry #5 I feel that my current strengths, when it comes to writing, are limited to say the least.
My main problem, or weakness, would be that I have a difficult time transferring the thoughts or ideas inside my mind down on paper. Changing the wording of sentences, never knowing what sounds best is an issue that affects me greatly. Some would argue this is a sign of an effective writer, or a writer that is concerned how his or her ideas will be construed. Honestly, I find it bothersome and time consuming. When the information flows effortlessly from my mind to my fingers the quality of the paper or journal is magnified. Unfortunately, this is a rare occurrence and only happens when I am very knowledgeable or passionate about the topic
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I found it was easy to write about myself, because no one knows me better than me. Nevertheless, I wanted to make a decent grade so I found myself second guessing some of the information I disclosed. Would I disclose too much information, would I not disclose enough? How do I want to present the information I was revealing about myself? I toiled over these questions the entire time I was writing the first paper. I finished the last rewrite of our first paper about an hour before we needed to be in class. Honestly, I feel it was a mediocre attempt at best, looking back there are several things I would have done differently before turning in the final draft. Moving on to our second paper of the semester I am optimistic. Optimistic that both my strengths and weaknesses will assist me in receiving a decent grade for my work. I have already started my research and chosen a painting for the assignment. I spent extra time in the prewriting phase of the paper and have several good ideas to present. Will I spend countless hours staring at a computer screen thinking of 10 different ways to say the same sentence? Probably, but at least I will have gathered enough information to put together a suitable paper, and just hopefully receive an A for my hard

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