Examples Of Personal Strengths And Weaknesses

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I believe that everyone has their own strength and weaknesses, but not everyone is able to figure out their strengths and weaknesses correctly. Knowing our own strengths and weaknesses is essential because it can help to achieve success in anything we choose to do. For me, my weakness is the time management, communication skills and weak in preparing effective Curriculum Vitae (CV) Below will be further explaining all my personal weaknesses and the ways to overcome it. 2.1.1 Paper 3 Personal and Time Management Time management can be defining as the ability to spend time effectively or productively to complete the goals. Unfortunately this is one of my weaknesses due to I lack of effective personal time management especially when I busy doing my work. I can spend at least 8-10 hours sitting in front of computer doing work without taking a break. I think that taking a break would waste my valuable time and reduce my productive time. But in facts, taking regular small breaks actually can help us boost energy to move further. In addition, it actually makes us more productive and also has a lot of benefits to our health. Other than that, I believe that many of us do not know how to manage our time properly causing too much of time wasted on social networking, web surfing and texting. Some other people even texting, calling and web surfing for personal thing in working hours. Although website has a lot of valuable resource but if we do not limit our time then time will be wasted on unproductively activities. How to manage time effectively There are few methods listed in the module that helps me to manage my time effectively. 1. Setting Goals Harvey Mackay once said, “A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadl... ... middle of paper ... ...t spend much time in looking at a CV briefly. The important information must put in the first page to let recruiters easy to review. Moreover, a good CV must be able to attract attention but background image or color print should not be use in the CV because this may create distraction to cost the interview. 2. Avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes The most common CV mistakes are grammatical and spelling mistakes. Many job seekers think that grammatical and spelling mistakes is not so important in job applying. Wrong, any spelling and grammatical mistakes included in a CV show that you are careless and lack attention to detail. Careless is not the quality that any employer want see in their employees. A good CV must carefully check before send to recruiter or employer. The better way to avoid this is always get a friend to read through your CV to spot mistakes.

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