Professionalism In Nursing Essay

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Professionalism and ethics are both crucial factors that determine how well of a nurse someone can be in the health care industry. There are many qualities that can attribute to being a good nurse such as but not limited to, knowing how to treat a patient with care and respect. This can fall into professionalism and ethics. They are two of the most important characteristics a nurse must have to be successful in his or her profession. Lack of these qualities can lead to negative experiences for patients.
Professionalism is the responsibility of a nurse to make sure that they follow the code of conduct provided to them by their facility. For example, if the facility they work at requires a certain dress code, with hair tied cleanly back or no
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“The nurse respects the worth, dignity and rights of all human beings irrespective of the nature of the health problem” (ANA, 2001, p. 7). A nurse is the person the patient and their families rely on for help with most issues occurring in the medical facility. Therefore, a nurse must be prepared to deal with many different kinds of patients/people while still respecting their beliefs and thoughts. As a nurse there are certain qualities they must attain if they don’t have them already to be successful in their career. “Being honest, responsible, organized, and caring are some of the most important qualities that nurses should be.” Pg.6 (Ludwig, Burton, 2014). Even though having those qualities is important, a nurse should always remember to do those things with compassion because their work ethic will reflect in their performance at the end of the day and based on the patients confidence in…show more content…
I would say those are my strengths because honesty is the number one policy, especially if I’m dealing with the patients well being and health. Responsibility is not hard when there is a good set of rules already set in place for me to abide by. And as for being caring I feel that as a woman that somewhat comes naturally to some of us. It is like an instinct to make sure the person/s whom we are caring for is okay and safe.
My biggest weakness that I have would have to be my organization skills. That is something that I have been working on lately so I could become better at it. What organization means to me is having a thought out plan for your day with certain times for each patient that I will have that day. Also a clean workspace so I have access to things much quicker when they are needed. Having good organization is important as nurses because it helps provide the best care for patients. For that reason I bought a planner so that I can start to become more organized and have a well thought out plan or schedule for my
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