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Stroke is the third cause of death in the United States. Stroke is the interruption of blood in the brain. According to the American heart association 730000 Americans are affected by stroke per year 160000 resulting in death. Also stoke is s the number one cause of disability of the United States. The main reason why strokes occurs is hypertension, smoking, heart disease and family history. However 90% of the strokes is because of fat accumulated in the carotid artery or when the blood clots becoming to stay in the carotid arteries. There are six types of strokes these are ischemic stroke, transient ischemic attack (TIA), embolic stroke, hemorrhagic stroke, thrombotic stroke, and lacunar infarction
Ischemic Stroke is the death of the brain tissue that occurs because of lack of blood supply and insufficient oxygen to the brain due to blockage of an artery. During 60 to 90 seconds the brain tissue could stop working and after approximately three hours it will suffer irreversible injury possibly leading to death of the tissue. Most of the time that the Ischemic Stroke occurs is when the blood is clot or fatty deposit due to blocking the …show more content…

It happens when a weak vessel breaks and bleeds into the brain which results blood to accumulate and compresses the brain. To help prevent hemorrhagic stroke patient should do brain imaging so they can evaluate and identify complications such as intraventicular hemorrhage, brain edema, or hydrocephalus. The symptoms for the hemorrhagic stroke are the same as the Ischemic stroke but also depends in which side of the body happen. The treatment depends on the cause and severity of the bleeding. Also medications are use for the treatment such as Anticonvulsant which help prevent seizure recurrence, antihypertensive agents help reduce blood pressure and other risk factors of heart disease and osmotic diuretics that helps decrease intracranial pressure in the subarachnoid

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  • Explains that stroke is the third cause of death in the united states.
  • Explains that ischemic stroke occurs when the blood is clot or fatty deposit due to atherosclerosis. diagnosis is usually based on symptoms and results of a physical examination and brain imaging.
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