Cardiovascular System Case Study

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The human body is an amazing machine, we have cells, tissues, organs and organ system that come together to create the human race. Each system plays a key role in our bodies mechanism. Without each systems our bodies would not function properly, but what happens when one of these system fails? The Cardiovascular system components are blood, blood vessels and the heart. The hearts function is to pump blood to all the major organs and tissues (Circulatory). It’s also important to be aware of the derivation that our bodies may encounter, for example a stroke. In this passage I discuss different types of strokes, what are the signs and symptoms and after care for this disorder of the cardiovascular system. Strokes occur when there is an insufficient …show more content…

Due to the lose in brain cells sometime facial nerve can become damage. Which is also a sign of a stroke. In stroke patient usually when ask to smile, only half of their facial muscle would be able to do so. While the other half remain drooped. The Circulatory system is affect as well. Remember in a Hemorrhagic stroke a ruptured blood vessel begins to bleed out into the brain. Once blood is secreted out side the blood vessel into the tissues, red blood cells will take away nutrient from the brain cells. In Ischemic, the blockage in the blood vessel does not allow the blood to circulated proper. As a result of lost blood supply brain cells will die in the area where it is not receiving nourishment. Traveling in our bloodstream is oxygen and glucose, which is constantly need for cells to preform they daily functions. A stroke can happen at any age but for patients who are 55 and older, their risk factor will increase due to age and physical activity. “While stroke is common among the elderly, a lot of people under 65 also have strokes”(“About Stroke” page 1). Also at risk are African Americans because of other health issues that can trigger a stroke, for example: high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity. Caucasians and Hispanics are also at. Not only does Ethnicity and age play a factor, but so does other health conditions. Patients who suffer from high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, alcohol and drug

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  • Explains that the human body is an amazing machine. each system plays a key role in our bodies mechanism.
  • Explains that strokes occur when there is an insufficient amount of oxygen flowing to the brain due to a blockage or ruptured blood vessel.
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