Conclusion And Effects Of Smoking

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IV. Many people believe that the use of E-cigs will help with their usage of smoking and even chewing.
A. E- Cigs are believed to be healthier.
B. They are not as harsh on the lungs.
C. May lead to the actual use of tobacco.
V. Conclusion

Tobacco effects on the body Tobacco is a very harmful to a person’s body and can give someone long term bad health. If a person chooses to use tobacco then they should be aware of the risk and damage that they can do to their body. There are bad effects on the body with all forms of tobacco, no matter if smoked or chewed. Smoking tobacco is consequently one of the worst tobaccos a person can put in their body. Smoking has many effects on a person’s body and can do a lot of overall damage to a person’s health. The chemicals that are in tobacco smoke harms a person’s blood cells and does damage to the function of the heart.. Recent studies show that smoking increases the risk of osteoporosis, a condition that weakens bones and causes them to easily fracture. Around eighty percent of deaths from chronic obstructive disease are caused by smoking. Smoking causes more than four in five cases of lung cancer. Cigarettes produce a much higher rate of cancer then a dip or chew may do. Tobacco smoke has around seven thousand chemicals and around seventy of them cause cancer. Cigarettes cause cancer to the lungs, trachea, bronchus, lip, larynx, bladder, colon, and many other body parts. People who smoke have a higher risk to developing heart disease, stroke, and lung cancer than those who use nonsmoking
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There are many bad effects to smoking such as lung cancer, a stroke, or having shortness of breathe. With smokeless tobacco a person may experience having tooth loss, cancer in the gums, or even developing sores that may never go away. Whether a person smokes, dips, or uses E-Cigs, they are doing damage to their body in a
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