Industrial Revolution Essay

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The Industrial Revolution was a period from the 18th to the 19th century where major changes in agriculture, manufacturing, mining, transport and technology had a huge effect on human history that significantly influenced the life of people lived in the United Kingdom and eventually the world. Industrial Revolution was a technological revolution, the transformation from an agricultural to an industrial nation. The industrialisation brought many people into the new work force and into new living quarters in the urban areas. Cities during the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century showed great increase in population in Britain and created terrible conditions for the poor working class and their families. These unbelievably harsh living conditions can be seen on image 1 and 3 where families are forced to live in an overcrowded and inadequate room. There was a very high demand of houses and many were constructed in terraced rows that can be seen in image 4. Some of these houses had just a small yard at the rear where an outside toilet was placed. Others were ‘back to back’ without yard as shown in image 2. The people who lived in cities needed cheap homes as the Industrial Revolution continued to grow. Industrial Revolution brought not just dreadful housing conditions but many families were having economic problems because they were getting paid too little. Many people were not able to feed their kids every day and sent them to sleep on empty stomachs until they got to work the next day. On the other hand landlords failed to keep the houses in working condition due to the raising population, as image 7 shows the great number of poor people on the streets. Unmaintained houses became dangerous for those living there as image 5 demo... ... middle of paper ... ...healthy life conditions including clean drinking water, sanitation, regular garbage pick-up and medical care as picture 13 illustrate. The local government makes sure the streets of towns and cities are cleaned regularly as image 14 and 15 show .The working class people live in apartments with plenty of windows, as image 16 demonstrate in a healthy condition with parks and recreational areas close to them. Modern cities as in picture 17, offer comfortable and safe lifestyle for workers and their families. Engineers bring nature at the door of the modern appartments as in image 18 demonstrates with lots of sunshine and fresh air. For the 20th century working class can enjoy the benefits of the Industrial Revolution that was not possible during the industralisation that brought many poor workers into the cities and caused overpopulation and harsh living conditions.

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