Benefits Of The Industrial Revolution

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The Blessings of the Industrial Revolution
The modern world is extremely reliant on technology, whether it has to deal with smart phones, cars, or medicine. Without the Industrial Revolution, the present day would not be the same. The Industrial Revolution was a blessing for the middle class because production, healthcare, and transportation improved. Industrialization improved the lives for all groups of people in Europe because of the advancement of technology. Lifestyles began to improve due in part to the introduction of efficient machines rather than hand production. It was necessary for industrialization to occur in order for the large population to sustain.
There are many products in stores today thanks to the Industrial Revolution.
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For example, more industrialization meant more factories, and more factories led to more pollution. The waste produced by factories was expelled into the water as well as into the air, as described by Professor Michael Faraday (Document 1). Faraday was greatly affected by the contamination of the air and water that he observed because never before had anyone seen such filth in nature. In addition, Document 6 portrays the filth of the city from the factories. This filth was a curse to all people because they became more prone to disease due to the increase in contaminants in the air and the decrease of air quality. Furthermore, the Industrial Revolution also decreased the living standards of workers (OI: “Urbanization”). Poor families were forced to live in small tenements because they could not afford to live an extravagant life. These tenements lacked in many ways, including space and sanitation. Due to the packed conditions, diseases spread rapidly. Overall, the housing of the working class was unpleasant and many fell ill to diseases because the risk of developing a disease in a cramped environment was higher. In Document 2, it is evident that the tenements were not an ideal living space. Document 6 portrays that factories were ideally designed for the machines and not for the workers, and as a result the working conditions were also harsh. Working shifts were beyond the control of the workers and the job was not necessarily stable because workers could be fired at any time for any reason (OI: “Working Conditions”). Moreover, the working environment was cramped and caused many problems to arise, such as the death of workers. The working class suffered greatly from the consequences of the Industrial Revolution. However, they also experienced many improvements in life such as the decrease in
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