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Michael Namer Mr.Scheid Research Paper` The Industrial Revolution Changes Of The Industrial Revolution The Industrial Revolution was the rapid growth of industrialization in Europe and later the U.S. Starting in England in the late eighteenth century, the Industrial Revolution was a time of great advancements. Changes took place in almost every industry including transportation, mining, textile, and more. But didn’t just stop there, modifications were also made to the social world. All of these new ideas combined made what we know today as the Industrial Revolution.1 The Industrial Revolution, as stated above, began in Europe. This may have been one of the reasons for the rapid growth and success of the revolution. At the time, Europe was the perfect starting ground. This was for three main reasons. First of all, agriculture in this region was flourishing. This allowed for the first “sparks” of innovation to occur. Secondly, due to this increased agriculture, the population in this region was larger. This created the minds and the work force behind the revolution. With all three of these combined, the industrial revolution was formed, allowing for numerous inventions and innovations. One of the first and most prominent of these changes was in the textile industry. The textile industry was the staple of the industrial revolution. Before the industrial revolution, the textile, or more specifically cotton, industry was performed at home. It happened in a few steps. First, cotton was farmed and harvested. Then, the in home process began. Workers called “spinners” would take the cotton and form it into strands. These strands were the ... ... middle of paper ... ...his was because at the time, thanks to machinery, a worker only needed a small skill set, to accomplish a job that was formerly difficult. They were also employed for their size. This did not come without it’s problems. Child workers faced harsh conditions. They were beaten and abused. They were also paid much less than any regular worker. 13 Another idea that came about in the Industrial Revolution was that of a Middle Class. Previously, there were only two classes. The rich, which included nobility and business owners. The second class was the peasants. This was almost everyone not included in the first class. With the creation of factories, a new class was made. This new middle class consisted of people who worked in places such as factories. People belonging to this calss did not fall into either of the two previous classes. 14 Another new idea

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