How Did The Industrial Revolution Change

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The Industrial revolution was a turning point for the earth and humans, every aspect of human’s life and life styles were changed dramatically. It’s due to the revolution that we ca have so many types of clothing and we can easily talk to people in different countries. There has also become an increased wealth in the western world. A growing population resulted in a greater demand for Great Britain. They were the first to start the Industrial revolution. With their invention of the steam engine transportation of goods and people boomed, railroad, canals, etc. which resulted in a new class system. Before people lived in small communities and their lives revolved around farming, but with the start of the revolution more people and laborers moved to the city which had become urban and industrialized. New banking techniques such as corporations, partnerships, credit, and stocks were invented. Everything used to be made in people’s homes using handmade tools, yet now everything is done in factories using mass production. The three major materials cotton, coal, and iron were the up and coming new products used during the industrial revolution. Cotton was used for the textile industry, coal for steam power, and iron for the new types of transportation. There was also an improvement in living standards for some, but the poor and working people had to deal with bad employment and living conditions. When the laborers moved to the cities clocks and …show more content…

The revolution led to new theories and advances in the social, economic, and science areas which helped change the world in a short period of time. There were both positive and negative effects on society and the economy, but the positive outweighed the negative. Many jobs were created, better and more efficient means of transportation were invented, which allowed new areas to be reached and

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