Improving Workplace Communication Skills

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Inclded in this packag is the following info. Plese iss the corresd we spok abt. Did you understand these sentences? Probably, but that is not the point. The point is that the sentence is not grammatically correct and problems may follow with the intended party of this memo. In today's marketplace computer skills are the norm, but many of today's workers do not possess professional academic writing skills. A workshop would enhance and improve writing skills necessary to strengthen the quality of service we offer our clients. The changes in technology have introduced many different forms of communication with others in the workplace and with the clients. Unfortunately, basic writing skills need to achieve the intended goals has gone by the wayside. It is becoming rapidly easier to let the computer do much of the work. Even though employees do not spend the same time updating their academic skills in the same manner as technology, we are increasingly finding it necessary. With the introduction of the Internet, Email, Fax and Voicemail it is easy to allow the computer to do majority of the work without too much thought. Think about this; you have a message or a lengthy correspondence to send to a client or someone in the office. Next, you use spelling and grammar checker to review the paper. Without review, one click and off it goes. Think about the problems that can entail from misspelling and misunderstanding. It is easy to rely on computers, but they are not infallible. Calculators along with basic math skills are a necessity. They should go hand in hand. The same goes for computers and writing skills. To communicate effectively you need to write and speak clearly, and technology does not always cultivate this. How many times have we used email to communicate with someone across the room? How easy is it to walk across the room? "Advances in technology have changed the means through which we communicate at work. But email and voicemail can be a hindrance rather than a help if we do not know how to make the best use of them." Theobald (2004). The basic people skills of communicating face to face, if one is not careful can follow a former mode of communication, the typewriter. Dealing with different personalities in the workplace it is easy to insulate oneself within your private space and limit verbal correspondence.
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