Importance Of Internet Marketing

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According to Pride & Ferrell, Electronic marketing (e-marketing) refers to the marketing of products through internet and includes the process of distribution, promotion, products pricing and finding the desires of consumers using online marketing or web marketing.E-marketing goes beyond the Internet and also includes mobile phones, banner ads, digital outdoor marketing, and social networks.

Hoffman & Novak well said that, because of the fierce competition on the Web for the attention of the potential buyers, it takes enormous marketing expenditures from the E-marketers to set them-selves out from the crowd, get visitors to their sites and get them actually make a purchase.

Philip Kotler in marketing management
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There are various strategy use by the internet marketing such as Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per click, Affiliate Marketing, Content marketing, E-mail marketing, Viral Marketing, etc. Internet advertising can be defined as association of information and sale or products and services at one place. Although, internet provides lot of advantages then also one need to take much precaution while choosing e-market and companies must take safeguard of approaching the target audiences. They have shown the changing face of marketing and advertising in today’s scenario with more focuses on internet marketing and its…show more content…
In Punjab, web marketing is very popular and big companies are fabulous doing through e-markets by launching attractive websites. The use of web advertising is influenced by the size of the organization. iii. Marketers are increasing their turnover through web advertisements. Large companies are leaders in e-markets. About 80% industrial units are processing their orders through online. Public companies have profit of 95% whereas small companies have 50% only. iv. Users are also doing shopping from those organizations that are big and processed a good number of orders. Around 60% of the organization has showed high interest, 80 % show very high interest, 30 % sole trader shows high interest toward internet marketing.
v. Web marketing helps in cover globally. Large organization is able to attract 60% of abroad customers through it.
The research of Dr.Rajesh Mahajan and Prof. Sunil Kumar reflects that the Punjab market is actively participating e-markets and there is huge scope among the marketers to dominate the internet market globally in future as web marketing is growing very fast and market has more scope. For the betterment of internet or web based marketing only requirement to strengthen the information
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