Impact of Internet on Marketing

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This paper examines how the increasing use of internet has changed the marketing industry globally. We can see in the present trend how marketing through the internet has created a great impact on attracting the consumers in many aspects. Marketing through e-commerce have overcome the complexities that are faced in traditional marketing tools. The main focus of this study is to assess the impact of growth of the number of Internet users on the marketing industry and the findings of the study could be helpful for marketers, advertisers, PR professionals and many more people in the marketing industry. This increase in use of internet by the customers had gradually increased the revenue of advertising and marketing industry. The paper concludes by pointing out the importance of e-commerce in marketing industry and its proper use could lead to the growth of businesses and consequently the country’s economical growth.


Marketing industry has always been a complex field, that integrated marketers, distributors, advertisers, salespeople, PR-agents, marketing researchers, media and many more branches and professions (Kotler, 2003). The Internet has added new marketing possibilities and with them new professions, such as online marketers, search engine optimisation specialists, online advertising specialists, programmers, e-commerce and m-commerce marketers and advertisers.

In this study the question of the recent changes in marketing industry will be addressed. The various changes that took place due to the advancement of Internet technology will be considered and discussed. The study will show the new and evolved tools that emerged with the development of online and how they shape the new modernised marke...

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