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  • The World Wide Web

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    The World Wide Web To anyone born in the 90s or later, the World Wide Web (WWW or Web) has been a part of their life forever. They could not imagine a world without it; although, only a year before the 90s started, did the WWW come into existence. People had been living without the use of the WWW since before 1989, and everyone born after 1989 has grown up with the use of the WWW. The WWW has changed the way society works in a variety of ways. Not long ago was written letters the way of communication

  • The world wide web

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    The World Wide Web “The Web does not just connect machines, it connects people” (Tim Berners-Lee). Tim Berners-Lee wanted to create a way for physicists to communicate information easily between one another. He ended up creating one of the most highly used pieces of software on the internet today and an incredibly versatile way of sharing information globally. The Web had become such a big part of our everyday lives that a lot of us would not know what to do without it. Some people do not fully understand

  • The World Wide Web

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    The World Wide Web Communication--it is a fundamental part of our everyday lives. It characterizes who we are, what we do, and how we relate to others in society. It is a very powerful tool that holds many different uses for our basic needs and survival. At a very simplistic level, it is key in attaining our very basic needs for survival. In that respect, it is key in achieving all needs in Maslows hierarchy. Its uses and possibilities endless. Over time, the discoveries that have been made

  • Disadvantages Of World Wide Web

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    important technological advancement of all time is the development of the World Wide Web popularly known as “www” or W3. Beal, V. (n.d.) defines it as, “basically a system of Internet servers that support specially formatted documents. The documents are formatted in a markup language called HTML (HyperText Markup Language) that supports links to other documents, as well as graphics, audio, and video files. The World Wide Web (web servers) are able to communicate through the TCP/IP protocol which is a

  • Development of the World Wide Web

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    World Wide Web Have you ever wondered who invented the World Wide Web? The answer is quite simple. The history of the World Wide Web, what a URL is what it contains along with what a web page contains are all important information when one is wanting to learn about the World Wide Web. We all know that the Internet is a source of all sorts of information. It’s like having a huge dictionary at your fingertips. In this day and age people are using the web for school, work, games, reading, weather, investments

  • The Internet And World Wide Web

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    communities across the world use devices differently based on the abilities they want them to perform. Some communities prefer the simple information based web services inputted by humans, while some are for the advancement to the point that computers can generate new information on the web. This change from the concept of Web 1.0 to Web 3.0 can affect the way different parts society function through daily activities. As technology allows us to access the web anywhere in the world due to the different

  • Is the World Wide Web Causing a World Wide Woe?

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    Many people view the internet as the World Wide Web, connecting the population together and sharing information on a global scale. However, others look at it as a grotesque web that is entangling humanity with unintelligence. Whether positive or negative, it is indubitable that in the past years, society has become extremely reliant upon the internet. Every day, millions of people around the world use the internet for many different purposes: commerce, communication, social networking, work, education

  • The World Wide Web and Plagiarism

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    The World Wide Web and Plagiarism In the recent past when computers were available to the public, users could easily type a document without having to retype a whole page to correct or add a part to a document. Shortly after that came the Internet where countless pages of documents and information became accessible to nearly everybody. The problem with plagiarism was much smaller and easier to detect before the Internet. Preceding the Internet, plagiarized materials used to originate from fraternity

  • Security Vulnerability of the World Wide Web

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    Everyday tech users are increasingly engaged with web and mobile applications. These programs have many uses and can be very helpful in progressive usage. However, these applications also serve as the most accessible point of entry for malicious attackers to wreak havoc. The continual growth and usage of web-applications makes the infrastructure one that is susceptible to attack due to lack of thorough security implementation. The Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) is a community-based

  • Japanese Emerge Into the World Wide Web

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    up for total participation in the Internet market. It's Internet companies are becoming bigger they have ever been, and even bigger than many American Internet companies. The newest ones are those making all the profit there is to be made in the world of e-commerce. Internet mogul Heroshi Mikitani has recently created a virtual shopping mall called Rakuten . It is comprised of , " about 2000 stores… and is adding new ones at a rate of 200 a month." (115) The most shocking thing about the growth

  • The World Wide Web as Part of The Electronic Revolution

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    The World Wide Web as Part of The Electronic Revolution We are all aware of the first and second industrial revolutions and how they have influenced our lives and cultures today. This material has been presented in a limited amount so we may have an understanding of the major technological transformations of the last three centuries and the causes and effects of technological change. 1 I will present in this paper a limited view of a subject not covered or classified, which (if

  • How the World-Wide-Web Impacts the way of Doing Business

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    How the World-Wide-Web Impacts the way of Doing Business Since its comet-like boom in the nineties the internet has attracted myriads of companies to do business on this boundaryless media. And the boom does not seem to stop. eCommerceis a catchword, which stands for a whole branch of new types of businesses that mushroomed up in the last couple of years. Retailers, all sorts of companies, even law offices are using the web for their daily business. There seems to be no comparable other way to

  • Development Of Internet And Www

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    the network also plays a really important role. Network seems to be a very mystery thing, people just to use the Internet in their daily lives, but no one would be to explore what is a network, what is the meaning of the network. The Internet, namely wide area network, local area network and single machine according to a certain communication protocol make up the international computer network. The Internet is the result of two or two more computers'  terminals, the client and the server through the

  • Sir Tim Berners-Lee And The Internet

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    test this new project and would have no free advertisement. He also realized the importance of free sharing throughout the World Wide Web. Once the amount of users on the Web hit a specific goal, its functionality, and therefore its group appeal, began to go through the roof. Scientists and other researchers recognized that it was easier to post data once, on their website or web page, rather than to continually respond and answer email questi... ... middle of paper ... ...gious engineers, scientists

  • The Future of Technology in Cars

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    01). Telematics at a Glance. Retrieved September 25, 2001 from the World Wide Web: Thorton, Emily. (2001). Digital Wheels: International Edition. Retrieved November 5, 2001 from the World Wide Web: USA Today (2000). Wired Cars Coming Of Age. Retrieved September 24, 2001 from The World Wide Web: The Ultimate

  • The Internet as a New Medium of Communication

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    exploded to include private individuals around the world which was linked through the anarchic web of computers, surfing, sharing information and online discussion. The internet then became a phenomenal as everyone from governments to universities, businesses and individuals exploring this medium of communication. The growth of internet users was indescribable as it was now spread worldwide; the internet was now user friendly. The World Wide Web emerged due to the growth of the internet and the revolutionary

  • A World Without Borders

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    The 21st century’s advanced technology has revolutionized the world. Marshall McLuhan, a Canadian communications theorist educator, writer and social reformer, acknowledged a societal change since the phenomenal development of the World Wide Web. The theorist stated that “The medium, or process, of our time - electric technology is reshaping and restructuring patterns of social interdependence and every aspect of our personal life. It is forcing us to reconsider and re-evaluate practically every

  • Use of the Internet in Elementary Schools

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    looking at certain WEB sites (AskEric, PBS, KidLink, Interactive Frog Dissection, Hillside Elementary School, and Dade County Schools) this paper examines the ways the WEB is used in elementary schools. In addition, this paper addresses some controversial issues that arise when the WEB is used in elementary classrooms. The development and growth of the Worldwide Wide Web have had an enormous impact on several areas including government, business, and even education. The WEB facilitates the quick

  • The Internet

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    In a period of ten short years the Internet has profoundly changed the way modern telecommunications function. Today, it is hard to imagine a world without the Internet. The Internet's roots date back to the 1950s, when researchers realized there was a need to allow general communications between users of various computers and communications networks (History of the Internet, Wikipedia). However, it wasn't until 1986 and the National Science Foundation's (NSF) construction of a university network

  • Adobe Flash: The Future Of The Adobe Flash Player

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    viewers and web browsers through a roller-coaster of media with complete viewing pleasure. Adobe Flash has benefited the modern internet browser by allowing them to view and explore the internet with the reinvented features of Web 2.0. With the advance capabilities of Web 2.0, one has the power to watch videos, post documents, participate in gaming activities and share and view audio and video files. Based on the simplicity and user friendliness, Adobe Flash in companionship with Web 2.0, is the