Successful Marketing Strategies

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Marketing is a vital component in the success of businesses. Smaller businesses rely on business advertising, expenses, knowing if the business is networking with the right people, or joining the best organisations which lead to success (EStartup business blog, 2010). Marketing concentrates on customers and what the customers want. Customers are the source of sales and profits. Many small businesses are faced with remarkable hardships due to not developing the right marketing plan (EStartup business blog, 2010). To help these businesses a more appropriate or better marketing plan needs to be designed. Small business internet marketing services can help businesses develop and thrive in a highly competitive market. For the highest quality internet marketing services, hiring an online marketing company to design a customized internet marketing campaign may be advantageous for some businesses (EStartup business blog and contributors, 2010). Identified will be the role that marketing plays in a successful business demonstrated by use of two examples, the importance of developing a marketing plan, and ethical and legal issues that surround marketing practices (EStartup business blog, 2010). To be a successful business, the owner of the business should use the marketing mix and the results of market research; having identified its key audience a company has to ensure a marketing mix is created that is targeted specifically to those people. The marketing mix is a term used to describe the four main marketing tools, Price, Product, Promotion and Place (EStartup business blog, 2010). An example of each 4P’s are: which products are well received, what prices consumers are willing to pay, what TV programs, newspapers and advertising consu... ... middle of paper ... ...sses, once the marketing strategy is in place; the business will be successful in the future. Systems are put in place to obtain market feedback which measure success against short-term targets. The marketing mix plays big role in any marketing’s business strategies. This means that the 4P’s, Price, Promotion, production and place. Works Cited • Subway-target market n.d., Leading Edge Education 2007, accessed 19 August 2011, . • Start up Businesses website n.d., EStartup business blog and contributors, accessed 19 August 2011, . • Marketing at McDonald's n.d., McDonald's Corporation, accessed 23 August 2011, .
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