Importance Of Cultural Diversity Essay

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Allison DeVore
Mrs. Mears
English 1 Honors
14 May 2014
Importance of Cultural Diversity
The world as a whole is becoming more diverse. There is diversity in schools and in the workplace. People should understand that diversity is what makes the world go around. If all people had the same characteristics then the world would be a very boring place. Even though all human beings are the same in some ways, we are still culturally different. Cultural diversity lets us appreciate our differences. Different cultural groups have varying beliefs, customs, values, and a wide variety of characteristics that make them special. Cultural influences make people see the world differently and cultural diversity should be appreciated.
Diversity should be respected and definitely noticed because it shows our uniqueness and self worth (McHale). Culture is a very strong part of everyone's life. Instead of trying to ignore our differences we should embrace differences and be proud of who we are. We can learn many different things if we give people who are culturally different from us a chance. Cultural diversity gives us an opening to learn about the uniqueness of the world. People can't go around wanting everything to be the same. They can't go tell themselves that cultures and differences aren't important (“Section 1”).
In fact, at schools there is a lot of diversity. In the classroom cultural diversity should be appreciated because they will want to learn more about themselves and their culture (Borkar). Different groups means that there will be a wide variety of topics to discuss. This benefits the students because they can learn about the many different perspectives of the world around them. They can learn different ways of thinking and n...

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... it could help society if people gave it a chance.
In the future, the world will only become more diverse. People should learn to appreciate it by acknowledging the differences around them. Sometimes people are scared that “recognizing differences will divide people from each other. However, learning about cultural differences can actually bring people closer together” ( “Section 1”). It would be better if people became closer together instead of growing apart because of discrimination and other mistreatment. Building relationships with different cultures should be a goal of everyone and even nations as a whole. Each group has different strengths that can benefit the the community altogether. Since the world will definitely become more diverse, it is important to be informed about cultural groups so you can become more marketable and succeed in a diverse world.

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