Cultural Diversity In American Education Essay

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The modern education system in America is building up a nation of racist within our children. Educations promotion of cultural diversity and awareness is actually creating a segregated, inconsiderate, racist culture that prides itself on being racially and ethnically diverse. This emphasis on cultural awareness is built on the idea that the only way for America to reach true diversity is if Americans understand what makes other nations and cultures different. By definition however, cultural awareness is the understanding of the differences between oneself and the people from other countries/backgrounds focusing on the difference in attitude and values. What modern education and culture promotes in cultural awareness stays from this definition …show more content…

Modern American culture praises the concept and thought of diversity through cultural awareness, but fails to actually follow through with the act of diversifying within the society. This is due to the fact that people want to be around other people who think, act, look, and behave in ways that are very similar to their own. Americans are not only drawn towards people who look like them, but they are also drawn towards those who hold similar values and positions. This desire to be near others who share similar traits and values goes against the desire to be diverse. Today's society is constantly calling for more diversity, yet no one desires to act upon this call and put it into practice correctly. Instead of truly being a diverse society, Americans prefer to surround themselves with others who share similar traits and values. It can be hard to truly grasp just how badly Americans do not want to live in a diverse community. Michael Jonas provided s an essay that includes a study conducted that can be used to explain this American desire. Jonas does this by introducing Robert Putnam, a Harvard political scientist, who conducted a study based on data collected from interviews of around 30,000 people from all over America. Putnam's study raises question concerning why the diverse communities have less people willing to help in their community. Putnam concluded that the communities with "higher diversity" also experienced "lower social capital" (Jonas,18). Putnam explains that the more diverse a community is the less trusting and involved are its members. This distrust in people is rooted in the concentration on the idea that has been repeated since childhood that focused on what makes people different. Jonas makes the point that in Putnam’s study the seemed to be no connection between distrust

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