How Does Society Affect Your Identity Essay

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Identity is very similar in the way everyone has one, but very different in the way everyone has their own opinion on what forms it and how it really affects who we are. There are three significant things, which contribute greatly to your identity: Society, Experience and your Personal Interests. These big contributors and made up of many smaller factors, but they all sculpt your unique and special identity. Society is the most major contributor to your identity as it is the environment we are constantly exposed to. Society consists of the environment, literally and figuratively, ideas, and the culture. First, the physical environment and the theme of geography affect how the culture and society will be. The landscape and how accessible it is to nearby cities can benefit society, allowing for trade and military allies. The geography, weather, natural…show more content…
Identity is something that is really “just us” and sticks with us through the smooth and rough times in life. Many say that Identity is our culture, origin, or religion, however these are all related in the way they all contribute to an ever growing, complex yet simple and very unique identity. Identity is composed of our Society, Experience and Personal Interests. Society, the environment, ideas and local culture provide you with a tradition to follow or ideas and rules to live by, ergo affecting your identity. The environment especially modifies our way of thinking, in a literal and figurative sense. Identity is something collective, and as such, can change over time. Finally, our past experience and interests continue to motivate us and help us learn more. Sooner or later, we move on to other interests and keep the previous with us, in our identity. Ultimately, the relationship between us and our surroundings, society, and our past and current self form our identity, the soul and the mental body, united with our physical
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