Impact of Childhood Obesity on IQ and Brain Performance

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Impact of childhood obesity on children’s IQ and brain performance.
Children’s intelligence and childhood obesity.
A correlation between childhood obesity and children’s cognitive ability.
Research problem
The rate of obesity is increasing every day around the world (Ahmad et al., 2010). The main cause of obesity is generally assumed to be an excess of calorie intake in the form of fast foods relative to calorie output (Ahmad, Ahmad & Ahmad, 2010). The consumption of excess amount of fat, sugar, beverages and fast food and taking less vegetables and fruits are resulted in an increased abdominal fat and obesity (Powell & Han, 2011). In the US, the prevalence of overweight in 2007-2008 among young children aged 12-19 years was 18.1% (Powell & Han, 2011). It has been well documented that the rate of obesity is between 25-30% in industrialized countries like Australia, England and the United States (Mehta, Coveney, Ward, Magarey, Spurrier & Udell, 2010). Research have proved that overweight and obesity has a strong connection with other diseases like heart diseases, diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, bone problems and sleeping disorders (Mehta et al., 2010). In addition, obesity may cause harm not only to the body but also to the nervous system (the brain) (Belsky, Caspi, Goldman-Mellor, Meier, Ramrakha, Poulton & Moffitt, 2013). Brain imaging studies suggest anatomical and physiological defects in obese children and hence have a negative impact on intelligent quotient (IQ) (Belsky et al., 2013). It is assumed that obesity may damage brain significantly and can cause severe social problems for children, for example they may have compromised cognitive skills (Belsky et al., 2013).
What is already known
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...ity influenced by childhood obesity and overweight. Children’s academic performance may also be considered as a variable in relation to childhood obesity and overweight.
By exploring the relationship between childhood obesity and intelligence, it can be predicted whether obesity has any impact on intelligence and cognitive impairment of children. Due to the lack of evidence about childhood obesity and children’s intelligence, it is very difficult to develop a framework in which physical and mental health can be considered equally important. This study will add knowledge to the existing body of knowledge in order to develop a holistic system to combat childhood obesity. Furthermore, if there will be any relationship between obesity, intelligence and academic performance then it will be a chance to develop a robust system for children to uplift their metal ability.

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