Socialization of Children is Key to Reducing Childhood Obesity

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The purpose of this paper is to choose a topic or theme related to family or family theory. The questions to be answered are the following: what has been learned from the literature in the topic? How has the readings helped in a better understanding of how this issue could be addressed in practice? A minimum of three peer reviewed articles will be used in this discussion. The topic chosen is how parents’ socialization techniques and behaviors are contributing to childhood obesity.

Based on a review of the literature, one thing learned was that the incidence of obesity from 1980 to 1999 has doubled in the United States (Ogden, Carroll & Flegal, 2002 cited in O’Dea & Eriksen, 2010, pp. 84-85). Childhood obesity is a major concern because these children grow up to become obese adults. According to Serdula et al., 1993 (as cited by Friedman, Bowden, & Jones, 2003) childhood obesity leads to a lot of adult health problems. Obese children are being diagnosed with diseases normal seen in older adults, like non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus. Disease leads to other costly complications, such as coronary artery disease, renal failure, and blindness (Freedman, Katzmarzyk, Dietz, Srinivasan, & Berenson, 2009

According to Olshansky et al., 2005 (as cited by Levi, Vinter, St. Laurent, & Segal, 2010), if this trend is not halted, many are predicting that for the first time in history, there will be a decrease in the life expectancy of our children. Healthy people 2010 identified overweight and obesity as 1 of 10 health indicators and called for a reduction in the percentage of children and adolescents who are overweight or obese; the United States has made little progress in achieving this goal. Ironically ...

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