Who Is The Blame For Childhood Obesity?

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Who is to Blame for Childhood Obesity?
Childhood obesity has recently become a major problem not only in the Unites States, but all around the world. No one knows the real reason as to why childhood obesity has recently become a major epidemic, but it has been found that the environment that the children live in plays a factor in the child’s weight status. Not only that but, some people believe that fast food and their million dollar industries is the reasons why so many children are obese. Whereas others have found that it all relies on their parents, that they, the parents, are the reason why their children are the way they are. Some even say that it’s the school’s fault because they do not teach the children how to live a healthy lifestyle. Whatever it is, it need to be fixed so that we can have a healthier America. At the same time that I believe that the parents play a big role in the weight status of their children, I also believe that schools play a factor in the recent outbreak of childhood obesity.
Childhood obesity has more than tripled in the last thirty years, it has recently become one of the major health issues in children. Children who are obese have a greater chance of getting other major health issues such as; heart disease, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer. Not only does this child have a greater chance of getting other major health conditions but they also have a greater chance of getting anxiety and depression because these children get bullied for being overweight. It affects these children as they are children but also as they grow older. According to the article “What is Childhood Obesity”, “Children who are considered affected by obesity are seventy percent more likely to cont...

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...ype of food they are eating. Home is the primary food source for children and that where children should learn on the type of food to eat. Children that know what food are good for their body can benefit them a lot. Knowing the type of food can help them be healthier in life and will not have any health conditions because of the food choices they make. In my perspective I believe that parent should take inconsideration of what food they give to their children and also the weight of their children. It will benefit them in many different ways and will save them money by not taking them to the hospital for health problems. Everyone should be more aware of children being obese because if everyone took part on helping their kids be more healthy it would make a different not just on the type of foods but also just being active can make a difference in their children lives.
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