Argumentative Essay On Child Obesity

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Child obesity is at its highest in the United States. With fast food restaurants spreading, new food products being produced, and health rates hiking in children between ages of 3-13, children are at a higher risk of reaching obesity. Nutrients are very important for children to contain in their body due to the fact they are growing regularly. Without the specific vitamins and minerals needed in the body, lack of physical activity, and false parental guidance, children are in jeopardy of becoming overweight. Should parents be responsible for this issue? Parents are accountable for their children’s health, because as their child grows, it is a parent’s job to supply correct and healthy resources to their children.
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For example, eating disorders can cause children to become overweight or underweight. Eating disorders are when one has an obsessive attitude toward food. They can cause children to continue eating even when the body if already full. Another source that encourages the action of consuming food is television. Television is highly advanced and highly watched in today’s society. Commercials on television can encourage children to become hungry even though aren 't truly craving food. Beth Turner states on, “The report says part of the reason for this may be that children who watch less TV are replacing TV time with other sedentary activities like reading books and playing board games.”(Source 4). Turner explains how television can cause children to spend more time watching T.V, rather than partaking in physical activities and being active. Television can be considered responsible for obesity found in…show more content…
Putting children in sports, clubs, involving them in reading, dancing, singing, or even drama, can help keep children from reaching the risk of becoming overweight and obese. Parents are responsible for their child’s health rate, so allowing them to partake in more activities benefits their child. Parents who buy their children video games are pushing their child to stay inside instead of pushing them to go outside and play. Playing outside for just one hour every day will make a difference in a child’s health. Staying inside only collects more calories in the body, rather than being outside and burning calories. I started playing soccer when I was in seventh grade which helped me stay active and healthy. Sports are a good way to keep children on track and physically healthy so that they avoid becoming overweight. Parents should be aimed to help find a hobby or a healthy lifestyle that their child enjoys. Parents who don’t aren’t helping their child participate in life lessons which keeps there child focused on unhealthy actions such a focusing more on T.V shows and video games.
In further studies, obesity is proven to lead children to have behavior problems as they get older. “In addition, research has found that overweight children tend to become adolescents with lower self-esteem and significantly higher rates of sadness, loneliness and nervousness. They’re also more likely to engage in high-risk behaviors such
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