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  • The United Kingdom

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    The United Kingdom London is the capital of the United Kingdom. It ranks as one of the world?s most historic cities, tracing its roots back nearly 2000 years. London has long been a great world port and trading center. The port of London consists of two huge docks and 43 miles of wharves along the Thames River. London also has a remarkable transportation system. Expressways, and underground and surface railways carry more than one million commuters between the outlying areas and central London

  • The United Kingdom: A Constitutional Monarchy Of The United Kingdom

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    The United Kingdom is a country off the coast of mainland Europe. In addition, the UK consists of four separate countries. These four countries are Northern Ireland, England, Scotland, and Wales. In addition, England, Scotland, and Wales are situated on the main island known as Great Britain, and Northern Ireland is actually separated from Great Britain and is on a tiny portion of land next to the Republic of Ireland. Furthermore, each country in the United Kingdom has a capital, such as, Edinburgh

  • Essay On The United Kingdom

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    The United Kingdom, or in other terms, the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, has many distinguishing factors from other places in the world. There are differences in government type, economy, and even military. The culture has a vast amount of unique distinctions that set it off from the rest of Europe. A true definition of what being a part of the United Kingdom is lacking, because of the diversity in culture, government, and military throughout the years. Everything is surely

  • United Kingdom

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    The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, commonly referred to as the United Kingdom, or “UK” for short, is a country located in Western Europe. It rests between the North Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea and is a medium sized country, ranked 80th in the world based on its size of 243,610 km2 (CIA 1). It has a temperate climate, with rugged hills and low mountains. The Fens is the lowest point in the UK at four meters below sea level (CIA 4). In contrast, the highest point is in Ben

  • Multiculturalism in the United Kingdom

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    Multiculturalism has been a subject of concern in the United Kingdom in past few years since it has become a very cosmopolitan country. There are lots of different opinions about this from different people like politicians, journalists, professors specialized in the subject and even artists. And these opinions are expressed through different media like speeches, articles and movies. In this essay it will be analyzed how multiculturalism applies in the movie East is East, what are the problems that

  • The Welfare State in the United Kingdom

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    The Welfare State in the United Kingdom The United Kingdom is a Welfare State. In a Welfare State, the system of government enables the state to protect and promote the economic and social well-being of all its citizens. The basic objectives of a Welfare State is to foment the principles of equality of opportunity, non-discriminatory access to the wealth of the state and the state responsibility towards those members of the society who are unable to care for themselves or attain a minimum standard

  • Comparsion of Malysia and the United Kingdom

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    522 miles from my home country, Malaysia. United Kingdom and Malaysia are two countries of approximately the same size, which is 243,610km² for United Kingdom and 328,550km² for Malaysia. However, people from both countries are having a major difference in food, religion, architecture and culture. In this essay, I am going to discuss about the comparison between my home country, Malaysia and the country where I study abroad, which is the United Kingdom. Malaysia is a country with multi-ethnic groups

  • United Kingdom Of The European Union

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    Thursday, June 23, 2016, United Kingdom voted in a referendum to determine whether it should remain or leave in the European Union. After more than thirty million votes, over seventy percent of the citizens of the United Kingdom, the result was an exit from the EU by the minimal margin of two percent. Although, the United Kingdom does not actually exit the European Union until two years after the vote, in accordance with Article Fifty of the Lisbon Treaty, the United Kingdom is already feeling the

  • Is The United Kingdom An Unwritten Constitution

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    The United Kingdom: An Unwritten Constitution While written constitution is both found and define modern nations, the United Kingdom which has the ability to impose a big influence towards the constitution of countries such as the United States and the Commonwealth Countries do not have a written constitution, this is mentioned in European Journal of English Studies . This has always been subjected to criticism towards the codification of the British constitution. Law scholars such as Sir Jeffrey

  • Healthcare in the United Kingdom & US

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    The United Kingdom Consists of Northern Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales and the capital is London. It is culturally diverse and struggles with the same issues as the United States does with multiculturalism. The United Kingdom functions as a Parliament system and their healthcare system is supported by central taxation, and some funding by private grants and charities. Whereas, the United States health system structure is complex and funds are based on employers, private payers, foundations