Why Did The Industrial Revolution Happen

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The industrial revolution was a time between the 18th and 19th Century, where people began to make factories and exploit workers. This made a huge impact on Britain at the time, and it soon became worldwide and affect even have repercussions in the present, like global warming. But before we enter the industrial revolution, we must wonder, Why did the industrial revolution happen? Today I will tell you the causes of the revolution and its effect. There were many causes for the revolution: new inventions, lots of wealth and investments, british colonies gave raw materials and there was enough food to feed all workers. All these causes were essential for the revolution to happen, but, from my point of view, some were more important than others. The most important was the new inventions and machinery at the time. People were discovering new inventions, including machinery that made factories work faster. For example, the flying shuttle made it possible to make cloth faster and the spinning Jenny, which was used to weave faster. Why were inventions so important for the industrial revolution to happen? People had money all along, but if you didn't have any inventions, that money would have never been invested for the revolution.…show more content…
Now, people were able to easily get loans and gained money. They was so much money around that people were ready to invest that money on factories, and soon they succeeded, which encouraged more people to invest on factories. Why were the banks and investments important for the industrial revolution? You had the inventions, but money was needed to make them. You had the idea and the concept, but not the money. Therefore, it would have been impossible for the revolution to happen if there was no money invested in
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