George Orwell's 1984: Foresite In A Blind World

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Nineteen Eighty-Four-Foresite into a Blind World
Big Brother is watching us and George Orwell quite accurately predicted the future. George Orwell was right on the mark in his predictions of what the world would be like in the future. He did have the exact year wrong, other than that he brilliantly foresaw that which the Earth would become. Most of what he said was hyperbole, but it still rings true. All the surveillance and monitoring we have today is just ignored and accepted, just as it was in Oceania. We are sensored and picked on and have no long term control over what happens to us.

Recently my school was plagued of talk of the video cameras that had just been installed in our school. Small purple spheres were placed down in the corridors, hallways, atrium and even outside. The students were not consulted. They were not surveyed. They weren't even informed of the decision. We arrived and the cameras were there.

We are being observed every move we make. One of my friends was pulled out of class and accused by the vice-principal of being a drug dealer. With forces like those of the ministry of love (board of education) and the thought police (administration) people are being pestered, threatened and falsely accused of deeds that were done under their watchful eye.

As advances in technology are made in our society we are taking steps towards helping "Big Brother". When someone steals a credit card, or has committed another crime, to find them police can check their credit card or bank uses and pinpoint their exact location. If they can do this to find a criminal, why can't they do it to locate anyone else? No one is to say that we are not being monitored every step we take. Our credit cards and bank book are our little breadcrumb trail.

The internet is a tremendously vast resource. Millions of people are on-line everyday. They write e-mails, they visit web sites, even make their own homepages. When an e-mail is sent your IP address is attached to it, no matter what you do. People can attach themselves to your connection, so they see whatever you do, They can even track your connection and find out where you live.

In Oceana the government knew all this. The thought police could track you. They didn't even have to be inconspicuous about it, though they often were.

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