Analysis Of Orwell's 1984

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I strongly agree with Fromm’s viewpoints and interpretations of Orwell’s 1984 text. He warns that the future federal powers will dehumanize society and leave everyone alienated. Thus, I agree with Fromm to the extent that he acknowledges the fact that humanity can indeed cease to exist as a result of our own self-destruction as well as the effect of our actions. Many of his opinions and warnings expressed by Orwell to an extent appear in contemporary society. Based upon Fromm’s analysis many of the warnings presented in 1984 exist in today’s society. Currently society exists with “doublethink”, meaning as the days past society is one step closer to a dark era. Many people have already adapted this way of thinking, but if we want to…show more content…
Many people today are fighters and make attempts to stand up for what they believe in. Another way 1984 impacted us today is that the novel was a prediction of a controlling government. “If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face—forever” (page 267). Just like in 1984 they had “telescreens”monitoring their every move, we know there are so many surveillance cameras used everywhere we go. There are also microphones and the government is able to tap their citizens’ phone to monitor what they say. This ties into the main theme…show more content…
Fromm tells us that as humanity continues to move forward, hopelessness will engulf us. Which I agree seeing as when one turns on the TV the majority of the news is either destruction, poverty, homelessness, famine, death and many other problematic matter’s around the world. To think that humanity has advanced so much in technique and technology; yet, there are still numerous problems worldwide and continue to spread. While this is occurring people are losing a sense of individuality due to being consumed too much in a person, video game, TV, etc. Today many teens are being consumed on a media sense and buy in whatever is shown and rather than learning to have their own sense of individuality, they take in what society deems worthy. In conclusion I agree with Erich Fromm with the direction that humanity is heading and

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