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  • Spousal Testamony against an accused

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    Dating back to the 16th century, spouses were not deemed to be competent to testify evidence against their spouse. The reasons were a lot simpler than they are today. Anyone with a perceived interest in litigation was deemed to be biased and therefore unfit to testify. Under common law spouses are considered to be one and the same. Since the 16th century the issue of spouse’s and their ability to give evidence against their partners has become more and more complicated. Modern day courts rely more

  • People Accused Of Violent Crimes Should Not Be Allowed To Post Bail

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    People Accused of Violent Crimes Should Not Be Allowed To Post Bail People accused of violent crimes should not be allowed to post bail and remain out of jail while their trial is pending. There are many reasons to why I strongly agree with this statement. Many factors are unknown to the public without conducting some sort of extensive research. Whether it is simply reading in the paper about pending trials, or as complicated as researching previous trials. Bail is decided by a judge, and their

  • Euripides was accused by his contempories of being a woman hater. Why

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    Euripides was accused by his contempories of being a woman hater. Why do you think this was so, and how justified do you think the accusation was? Question -------- Euripides was accused by his contempories of being a woman hater. Why do you think this was so, and how justified do you think the accusation was? In your answer you should consider not only how Euripides portrays his female characters, but also the sentiments expressed in the plays and the contempory view of women. Answer

  • The Accused

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    Rape is sensitive subject. People avoid talking about it at all costs and even try to pretend that it does not happen. But rapes are reported every six minutes in the United States. (Jaffe, Lansing & Kaplan, 1988) The Accused does not dance around rape. The movie centers around Sara Tobias, a young woman who was the victim of a rape. The rape occurred in a bar filled with men, multiple of which committed the crime. The movie then follows Sara as she is hospitalized and is assigned a lawyer, Kathryn

  • Witchcraft: The Murder Of King James VI

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    He published the results of his study in his book Daemonology in 1597. King James, a stanch Calvinist, throughout his book used his religious knowledge to prove that witchcraft existed, and how the secular courts should punish the accused. He wanted to make sure that the general public took the threat of and belief in witchcraft as seriously as he did. The introduction to Daemonology illustrates his serious alarm in the witch epidemic. “My intention in this labour, is only to proue

  • The Rights of the Accused

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    Over the past few decades the world has evolved and so has man kind. Humans have been existing on earth for a very long time. By a society we mean a place where many individuals live together. Society and people are dependent on each other and they cannot exist without the absence of the other. In a society there are many laws which are legal and as well as moral. These laws govern the people and they enforce required sanctions on people who violate any law in the society. By law we mean rules and

  • Characters in The Crucible

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    had had an adulterous relationship with Abigail. Reverend Hale started his investigation. Then Reverend Parris told him that Abigail and other girls had danced in the woods, and finally one girl cracked: she accused Abigail of starting all this. Abigail, to find a way out, accused a black servant, Tituba. Reverend Hale went to Tituba and asked her if she was in touch with the Devil. To make his point, he made a deal with her: if you confess, we help you and forgive you. If you don't, you

  • Rebecca Nurse

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    Trials are going on. The Salem Witchcraft Trials are a series of trials of accused witches. Some people have already been hanged and I have recently been accused of witchcraft. You see, on March 21st, 1692, I was accused of putting young girls under spells by Ann Putnam Sr. and Abigail Williams. I was also accused by many other young girls, and even some older, married, seemingly sensible women. I believe that Ann accused me of this ridiculous crime because of the land dispute in our town. For over

  • The Spanish Inquisition

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    Over the years in history, there have been many formidable executions that were caused by the aspect of different faiths and races. Period after period there have been many leaders who lashed out onto others because of what they believed in. All of these incidents have never been forgotten; one very infamous one would be the Spanish Inquisition. The Spanish Inquisition was started to “cleanse” the Church of heretics and purify Spain. They executed Jews, Muslims, and other minorities not of Christian

  • Why the Play is Called The Crucible

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    town are what fuel and heat the people's emotions and are what affects their actions. Miller also puns on the other meaning of 'a crucible' which is: 'a severe test or trial'; to tie in with the events that take pace in the play- the trials of the accused witches and the extent of the consequences (death by hanging.) The 'severe test or trial ' referred to above is an inquiry carried out to see whether people's souls are still with God. This shows the extremity and extent of the trials. It shows how

  • The Law in Kafka's Trial

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    grasp of human understanding. The Law seeks to impose an unknowable order and assimilate any individual notion of existence. It defines two distinct modes of existence through accusation: those who stand accused by the Law and those who are empowered by the Law to pass judgement upon those accused. From the very moment of his arrest, Joseph K. resists this legal hierarchy stating, "I don't know this Law ... it probably exists nowhere but in your head... it is only a trial if I recognize it as such"

  • Miracle In Cell No. 7 Essay

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    Yong-Goo’s fragile mind was malleable enough to pressure him into agreeing to the rules and expectations of the legal process. This relates to the book ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’ by Harper Lee, there was not even proof that Tom raped Mayella and still he was accused when he was actually innocent. This is because most wrongful convictions are mainly caused by eyewitness misidentification, Instead, witness memory must be looked carefully and come back perfectly, or erased. But because Yong-Goo is mentally handicapped

  • Stereotypes

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    Scout that she should act like a typical girl. Atticus is stereotyped as a traitor to his people, the white race, because he stands up for a black man, Tom Robinson, who is accused of raping a young woman. Last but not least, Tom Robinson is stereotyped as being a flaw in the human race because he is black. When he is accused of committing a rape, he is not given a fair tr...

  • Live a Lie or Die Honestly in The Crucible by Arthur Miller

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    “I want my life, … I will have my life” (137). In the drama of the “Crucible” John Proctor is accused of being a witch. John is unaware of the reason he is accused, but it is obvious that every time someone comes close to getting to the bottom of the girls lie that is the person the girls accuse. Before the beginning of the play John had committed lechery with Abigail Williams. John Proctor is almost ready to admit that he is a witch even though he is not, some reasons that he doesn’t admit it could

  • The Crucible: The Rise Of Mccarthyism And American Culture

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    the Communist Party. The investigation of America's primetime sweetheart illustrates that no one was safe from the anti-Communist movement. Similarly, in Arthur Miller's The Crucible, Rebecca Nurse, a revered woman in the community, was accused of witchcraft during the Salem witch-hunts. Through his characterization of her, Miller implies that Rebecca was a benevolent, knowledgeable, God- fearing woman. He clearly makes the point that "the general opinion of her character was so high

  • Modern-day Witch Hunts

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    woods escalates to a massive hysteria, with the "afflicted" girls falsely accusing even the respected women in the community of being witches. Eager to "utterly crush the servants of the devil", church leaders and townspeople insist on trying the accused. The punishment for failing to confess to witchcraft is death by hanging. In the end, many are hanged for imaginary crimes, for which no actual proof is ever presented, the only evidence being the word of a handful of girls. Miller wrote The Crucible

  • The Red Scare Reality

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    main reason they wanted to do that is so they could remain free. What really ended up happening was the opposite. When just normal Americans were accused of being a communist their life was over, guilty or not. Even if there weren't a communist they stood a very tiny chance of ever finding a good job without leaving the country. Some people were accused of being Russian spies. Some of these people were actually spies, but some were innocent, and yet they were put in jail, or even put to death for

  • Comparison of The Crucible And Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell

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    accusation of the more respected people, their questionable means of information and resultant punishments were undisputed. The prejudice of both modern military policy and the Salem witch trials is built on the misconceptions and stereotypes of the accused. The belief that gay men are feminine shorts-wearing, roller skaters invested with AIDS [McGowan 13] and the perceived image of a sex-driven gay contrasts the military’s “bastion of... ... middle of paper ... ..., Department of the Army, 2001

  • Summary Of Dr. Elizabeth Loftus Witness For The Defense

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    With the help of Katherine Ketcham, Dr. Elizabeth Loftus wrote Witness for the Defense: The Accused, the Eyewitness, and the Expert Who Puts Memory on Trial to speak out for all of the victims of false accusations in the justice system making readers think twice before putting someone in jail for life. It puts the injustices of memory into perspective. Loftus is an expert witness in court cases where there is no sufficient evidence against the convict other than that of eyewitness testimony. She

  • The Pit and the Pendulum

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    The Pit and the Pendulum "The place where you die is where you become young again." The accused in "The Pit and the Pendulum" is obviously being persecuted. For what religion or practice we do not know. For what crime it is not said. The prisoner does not even question his guilt or innocence. The accused in this story, to whom Poe does not give a name, is subjected to three life threatening situations. Poe, along with other English Romantics believed that being born was actually coming to