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  • Sale Deed, Sale Agreement, Construction Agreement and Title Deed

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    property. It is essential that you be aware of the legal policies and regulations while planning to buy or sell a property. Sale deed and title deed are some of the important legal documents that provide protection to your ownership of the property. Let’s review the importance of these documents and their salient features. What is a Sale Deed? A sale deed is a legal document that contains details of transfer of property ownership from a seller to a buyer. This is one of the most valuable

  • Mr. Deeds Review

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    “Sandler’s Mr. Deeds: Mis-Deeds” With a prestigious resume’ of successful blockbuster comedies, Adam Sandler certainly fails with Mr. Deeds, his most recent attempt to duplicate his past successes. The quick-wit, unexpected, laugh-out-loud jokes are a forte’ of Sandler’s which go back to his days of being a young comedian on NBC’s Saturday Night Live. Sandler’s comedy is the only thing that will keep you in your seat for an hour and a half. Fortunately for this movie, Sandler's large adolescent

  • Whitefield Residents protest against terrible condition of roads

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    Number (PID) into ‘B Register’. Such... ... middle of paper ... ...uyer and the seller must ensure that the Khata is transferred within 3 months of the transaction. The steps to transfer Khata are listed below. Obtain a notarized copy of your sale deed. This can be issued by any notary in the city for a maximum charge of Rs. 200/. Fill in the Khata registration form. Note that this form is the same for Khata registration, transfer and modification. It is also available on BBMP official site. Submit

  • llc

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    Tenancy In order for this joint tenancy to exist, four conditions must be met and these include - 1) All tenants acquired the property at the same time 2) All tenants have an equal interest in the property 3) All tenants acquired title by the same deed or will, and lastly, 4) all tenants have an equal right to possession. If any one of the above conditions is not met, the Courts will presume that a Tenancy in Common has been formed. In addition, a joint tenant has the right to convey his or her interest

  • Good Deed

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    Cold. Everything was wet and cold. The streets were flooded, London was completely under water; people, families, homeless from the flooding. Many were unable to even walk across the water; it was too high for them to touch the floor. It had been raining for three weeks and the Thames over flowed during the middle of the second week, which caused the entire city to be flooded. It was interesting to see so many people who were used to having somewhere to live walk the streets hungry and cold. I have

  • Heroic Deeds

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    In modern society, everyone expects to see a hero appear in a movie or book to come save the day from peril. For example, we could look at superman or Beowulf. They are feared by their enemies and loved by their peers. They set good examples for others to follow and this is all to make the world a better place. In the rare moments, there is no hero, only an anti-hero. I believe that Dr. Frankenstein is not a hero in the book, Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus by Mary Shelley. In that book, people

  • Heroes and Superhuman Deeds

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    Super-Human Deeds Many people think of a hero as a person with superhuman powers and/or infallible virtues. Superman, Batman and Spiderman are typical movie and comic book heroes. Superman possesses super-human powers of strength and sight. Batman is a technical genius, using his tools and wits to catch and outsmart the bad guys. Spiderman swings from a web and uses his “Spider-sense” to catch criminals. However, they each start off as seemingly ordinary citizens. Neither of them has any outward

  • If I had $150,000

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    If I were given the opportunity to grow $150,000 through purchasing foreclosed real estate at, how would I grow this investment? Having watched my family purchase and sell their own real estate, I have seen firsthand the value and profit potential of buying foreclosed properties.  In the current economic environment; I have also seen the benefits of being creative when it comes to selling these properties.  My strategy would include targeting my purchase based on final retail sales

  • Did They Do the Deed or Did They Not Do the Deed? That Is the Question.

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    William Shakespeare's defining work may in fact be the masterpiece named after its ambivalent main character Hamlet. In this play the poet-playwright artfully guides his audience through a tangled plot of murder, revenge, madness, and perhaps even love. Hamlet, the prince of Denmark has returned home for his father's funeral, and two months later must watch as his mother marries his uncle. Hamlet is told by the ghost of his father that Hamlets uncle, Claudius, is guilty of the murder. The ghost then

  • Virgina's Next Governor

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    Virginia is currently facing is the one of transportation and how to solve such challenge. There are roads that need to be fixed, and the state does not have enough funds to pay for their renovation or construction of new roads. Bob McDonnell and Creigh Deeds, the candidates, both care about transportation, yet financial backing to fix this issue is quite different for each candidate. McDonnell has stated on his webpage that he “will make transportation infrastructure a four-year priority” (“Transportation”)