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  • The Importance Of Cameras In The Police Camera

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    Cameras are a very popular device that can be found with a lot of frequency nowadays. Most of us own a camera, a laptop with a camera, a smartphone with a camera or some other object with a camera attached to it. Most of the population own cameras to capture memories, upload images of their whereabouts to social media but cameras can be a a very useful tool to capture very many things which is why several police departments have implemented cameras to their officers uniforms to use as a tool to

  • Camera History: The History Of Camera Technology

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    Camera History.The first camera like devices can be seen as far back as Ancient Greece and China. This piece of early technology was called the Obscura, the invention of this was an important part in developing cameras and photography. A camera Obscura is a dark closed space that is shaped like a box with a hole on the other side of it. The light that comes through the tiny hole projects an image that meets the wall of the box. The image was then drawn by an artist; however, the image was projected

  • Cameras and the Courtroom

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    not treated fairly due to a certain policy regarding cameras inside of courtrooms. It is understood that all American citizens should have access to the goings on inside a courtroom but this is sadly not true. Due to the lack of cameras inside the courtroom, only those privileged enough to obtain a seat in the court may view the session, even though every single American has the right to view the proceedings, whether they want to or not. Cameras must be allowed in all courtrooms in order for the public

  • Cameras and Photography

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    of taking good photos. Have you heard of the rule of thirds? Or do you know how a camera works? Well, that will all be explained. Maybe, by the end you will take up photography too. This essay will explore the history and types of cameras and the basic rules for taking photographs. Photography has an amazing process, no matter if you are using a film camera, or a digital camera. The principle of the camera is that light passes through a small hole, projects an image from the brighter side of

  • Cameras in the Courtroom

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    Cameras in the Courtroom Throughout history there have always been issues concerning judicial courts and proceedings: issues that include everything from the new democracy of Athens, Greece, to the controversial verdict in the Casey Anthony trial as well as the Trayvon Martin trial. One of the more recent and ever changing issues revolves around cameras being allowed and used inside courtrooms. It was stated in the Handbook of Court Administration and Management by Stephen W. Hays and Cole Blease

  • Digital Camera

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    Digital Camera Digital camera is a very important tool nowadays. People would always want to save their memories in the shape of pictures that will last forever. People were amazed when the first ever camera introduced back in hundreds of years ago. At that time camera consisted of large and impractical components and it was very hard to use. In fact, it even took quite some time to develop the pictures on the paper. But now there are some products of digital camera that are very easy to use

  • Pinhole Cameras

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    The Pinhole Camera History: By the fifth century, the beginnings of modern photography were underway. The first accounts of pinhole experimentation were recorded in the tenth century, when recorded Yu Chao-Lung used model pagodas to make pinhole images on a screen. Also, Arabian physicist and mathematician Alhazen (Ibn Al-Haitam) used pinholes to view an eclipse of the sun. He arranged three candles in a row and put a screen with a small hole between the candles and the wall, noting that

  • Camera "Shakes"

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    Camera, a camera is a device for recording visual images in the form of a photograph, movie clip, or video signal. During the 4th and 5th centuries Chinese and Greek philosophers described the basic principles of optics and the camera, though they never developed one. The experiment in question is on whether or not a camera’s shutter speed affects the quality of the photograph. Throughout the mid 1660’s a scientist named Isaac Newton studied the laws of motion. From his studies Newton came up

  • Surveillance Cameras

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    Surveillance cameras have been in use since 1942 when inventor and engineer Walter Burch fist used cameras at a rocket launch site in Peenemunde, Germany. Surveillance cameras have come a long way since then, they are now small enough to fit into the palm of your hand and some can even zoom in and read the lines of the magazine you are reading from across the room. Cameras are now being used to aid the police when investigating crimes, and also to assist in a medical emergency. They have become an

  • surveillance cameras

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    watched by a camera. In recent years society has seen the rapid expansion of different measures aiming to prevent or reduce crime. Surveillance cameras have become universal in many cities and countries. Originally surveillance cameras systems were installed to deter burglary, assault and car theft but their use has been extended to include combating 'antisocial behavior', such as littering, urinating in public, traffic violations and obstruction. These smaller, less noticeable cameras are used not