Blind Essays

  • Love is Blind

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    Love is Blind Do you remember your first kiss? If you’re like most people, you would describe it as a magical occasion. Were you so certain you loved that person that you wouldn’t listen to anyone who said that you didn’t know the true feeling of love? This is what happened to Edie, the main character and narrator of Alice Munro’s “How I Met My Husband”. [."] After her first kiss, her eyes were so filled with love they didn’t see the pitfalls, twists, and turns ahead. The theme of the story is

  • The Blind Can See

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    In the short story, “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver, our gloomy and negative narrator has been stuck in a rut for a while, but his wife’s blind friend is about to put a spark back in our narrator. Robert, the blind man, recently lost his wife. This helped form a great friendship and sometimes intimate relationship with him and the narrator’s wife. This makes the narrator irritated, jealous, and unhappy. The narrator’s wife invites Robert over for dinner and this is where the narrator undergoes his

  • Creating a Garden for the Blind

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    Creating a Garden for the Blind In creating a garden for the blind, the senses of smell, hearing and touch take on prominence. Even without sight, a person can enjoy a garden simply by feeling the symmetry of leaves, touching the bark of different trees and feeling for buds at the start of spring. Even though a visually disabled person cannot enjoy the vibrant colors of a rose garden, they can enjoy the strong scent from such flowers. Because the sense of sight is taking aback seat in this

  • Garden for the Blind Essay

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    Garden for the Blind Essay One of the first actions needed in constructing a garden for the blind on the south lawn of Hume Hall is to construct a barrier on the northern end and eastern end surrounding the garden so as to block out any unwanted street noise. The wall would preferably be cement, with the sides facing Museum Road and North-South Drive unpainted so as to absorb as much sound as possible. However, the sides facing the garden should be painted so as to reflect the sounds of the garden

  • Theme of The Country of the Blind

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    short story ‘The Country of the Blind’ to generate the central conflict and to convey the theme: the perils of that deadly combination of stubbornness and blindness. The people of the country of the blind have been isolated from the outside world for fifteen generations, making it hard for them to easily accept the truth and facts about the real world. An accidental fall while climbing a mountain leaves Nunez stuck in a valley, which turns out to be the country of the blind. Nunez, the seeing protagonist

  • Blind Obedience

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    Blind Obedience While sitting in church on Sunday going through the same motions of every Sunday, my son leans over to ask, “Why do we have to stand up for this prayer?” My response “because we are supposed to”. Reading “The Children’s Story” by James Clavell, made me think a little more about this question that I had no answer for. A person needs to be able to explain why he does what he does. Children are innocent and unknowing; they are like a blank piece of paper waiting to be filled up with

  • Paradise Of The Blind Symbolism

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    This novel Paradise of the Blind, written by Duong Thu Huong, is set in the 1980’s. The novel narrates the life of a twenty year old Vietnamese lady, who has been through a great deal of things in her life. While she is on a train to Moscow, Russia, she reflects on her childhood in Vietnam during the time of communism. Throughout the confusing yet great novel, Huong writes the story in the perspective of a main character, Hang, by using many different motifs. No doubt, one main motif is the use and

  • Blind Conformity: Malcolm X

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    Blind Conformity: Malcolm X In today's world it is often difficult to adjust to one type of lifestyle or another. The constant bombardment of outside opinions hamper our ability, as humans, to choose and be comfortable with a certain way of living. Our way of living may consist of a look, a way of thinking, a religion, or any facet of our personalities that may not conform with whatever is the norm or the accepted at a given time. When this is the case, we sometimes feel forced to change

  • Designing a Butterfly Garden for the Blind

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    Designing a Garden for the Blind Nature is so beautiful. It is unfair that due to uncontrollable circumstances, some people are unable to fully enjoy it. That is up until now. With the new wave of handicap focused services such as restaurants for the blind, even the blind can experience life the way it should be experienced, which is why I have designed a garden for the blind, or Jardin de la Nuit(Garden of the Night). I will begin explaining my design by describing the path that has been chosen

  • Designing a Butterfly Garden for the Blind

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    Designing a Butterfly Garden for the Blind The research and preparation for this essay have made me realize not only how interesting and unique this project is, but also how useful and valuable such a “Garden for the Blind” could really be. The blindfolded Butterfly Garden experience specifically helped me realize to a great extent how much we as humans greatly overemphasize our sense of sight, and do not take full advantage of all the senses most of us have been blessed with to use and appreciate

  • Color blind by the Counting Crows

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    I am colorblind Coffee black and egg white Pull me out from inside I am ready (repeat 3 times) I am taffy stuck and tongue tied Stutter shook and uptight Pull me out from inside I am ready (repeat 3 times) I am fine I am covered in skin No one gets to come in Pull me out from inside I am folded and unfolded and unfolding I am colorblind Coffee black and egg white Pull me out from inside I am ready (repeat 3 times) I am fine (repeat 3 times) The song “Colorblind” by The

  • Analysis Of The Blind Man By Raymond Carver

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    mocking Robert’s being blind. The narrator sees Robert as a nuisance, getting in the way of him and his wife, whose past relationships with Robert and other men seem to irritate the narrator. “My idea of blindness came from the movies. In the movies, the blind moved slowly and never laughed…A blind man in my house was not something I looked forward to,” (Carver 1). The narrator is inexperienced

  • The Blind Man by D.H. Lawrence

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    The Blind Man – And the Blind Shall "see" The story "The Blind Man" by D.H. Lawrence can be read at many levels.  On the surface, the story is about the struggles of Maurice Pervin as he learns to cope with the loss of his sight. On a much deeper level, it can be seen that Maurice is closed in by his blindness and it is through another man's weakness that he begins to “see” again. To understand the meaning of "The Blind Man", one must first try to understand Maurice Pervin. He has spent most of

  • The Blind Man In Raymond Carver's Cathedral

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    say that if one is blind, they can see. That’s how Robert in “Cathedral” by Raymond Carver is portrayed. The narrator, which is the husband, tells a time in his life when a blind man by the name of Robert comes to visit his wife when Robert’s wife died. This ensues all the stereotypes surrounding him and his disability from the narrator, which in truth he can see only what he can feel. The narrator changes throughout the short story from a disgusted being to understanding the blind people.     At the

  • The Blind Husband In Raymond Carver's Cathedral

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    results in many awkward moments. In the short story “Cathedral” Raymond Carver opens the story with a husband who meets a blind man for the first time. The husband only knows the blind man from what his wife has mentioned to him. Carver starts off by building connections with his audience through the use of mid-diction. As the story unravels Carver inputs low-diction to show how the blind man and the husband are bonding and are taking the time to get to know each other. Through the first paragraphs the

  • The Blind Husband In Raymond Carver's Cathedral

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    The short story "Cathedral" by Raymond Carver is about a woman who has a blind friend who comes to visit her and her husband. Although the husband’s eye sight is normal, he is in the beginning of this story, the one who is "blind." This is shown through the husband’s words and actions, as he is dealing with Robert, the blind man, it is shown that the husband does not understand what Robert’s blindness means or how it affects him as a human being. At first Robert makes the husband very uncomfortable

  • The Blind Man Exposed In Bub's Cathedral

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    the fact that you are blind you may see clearer than any other person. I think the blind man was the person who instructed and influenced the spouse. Blind individuals are not totally blind; they can "see" things. While drawing a cathedral, Robert puts his hand over the husband's, who is drawing the cathedral. You don't know how things are until the point that you see it through another person's eyes. Bub gets the opportunity to perceive what the blind man sees. When the blind man has him close his

  • Through the Eyes of the Blind in Cathedral by Raymond Carver

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    Eyes of the Blind in Cathedral by Raymond Carver You can never seem to know what's going on in another ones life, unless you put your feet in there shoes, so to judge, is simply ignorance. Raymond Carver's "Cathedral" is a story about how the narrator is uncomfortable with having his wife's blind friend, Robert, over. Roger has lost his wife, and to cope with her death, he planned to visit the narrator's wife. Without any knowledge whatsoever on how to act in accompany towards a blind man, the

  • Robert, The Blind Man In Raymond Carver's Cathedral

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    Respect the blind folks. A person who is blind for the most part of their life has tendencies to dig deeper into people instead of people who can actually see the different appearances of people. People who have vision are usually more focused on the outward appearance other than what is at someone someone’s heart. Blind people tend to have more wisdom and intellectual than a usual person. As Robert being presented as a static character and the antagonist, he plays a huge role throughout the story

  • The Blind Man In Raymond Carver's A Present Cathedral

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    ” It becomes clear that the visit of the blind man Robert in the narrator’s house may change the narrator from stereotyping to accepting disabled people; this illustrates Carver’s theme which displays human Insensitivity through the narrator’s reluctance because of fear, then acceptance, and finally understanding of Robert. At the beginning, the narrator was reluctant to allow the blind man to come to his house. The narrator’s perception about the blind man comes from the movie he saw, and this